Zodiac Signs as characters from “The Office”

The Office Season 1 (2005) John Krasinski, B.J Novak, Jenna Fischer, Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson

Aries is Michael Scott:

Very loud and attracts people’s attention, sometimes for the wrong reasons. Never shies away.

Taurus is Dwight Schrute:

Detail oriented and hard working. not the best with people but well respected at what he does.

Gemini is Pam Beasley:

Pam’s actions change based on who she is around ranging from shy and quiet to bold boisterous, especially around her man Jim.

Cancer is Angela:

Detail oriented- practical people – perfectionists, but sometimes a little too much. Has a nasty side

Leo is Jim Halpert:

charismatic, confident, outgoing, and selfless. Everybody likes him, even his enemy, (Roy)

Virgo is Stanley:

hates where he works and stays quiet often. The undisputed master of sarcastic humor

Libra is Darryl Philbin:

blends between the two worlds of the office and the warehouse with ease. He is honest, fair, impartial, and never loses his cool.

Scorpio is Creed Bratton:

easy going attitude, but dark past. Is definitely living a double life, and will do whatever it takes to keep his job

Sagittarius is Andy Bernard:

loves when people laugh so he is always trying new things to get people’s attention

Capricorn is Kevin Malone:

sometimes hard to work with and a little bit obnoxius but dedicated. Extremely generous and the life of the party

Aquarius is Toby:

classic misfit. Insanely weird but wonderful. humanitarian at heart naturally compassionate and humble. Sometimes gets a little jealous of others, but things work out for him in the end.

Pisces is Kelly Kapoor:

usually chilled out but prone to being over-zealous. Sometimes will tell a white lie to get what she wants.