Virgo Poetry – The Virgin Zodiac Sign in Verse

The Sixth Sign

under of the sixth sign
 a ruler, the first house rules
 and the virginity retains
 what of the archetype maiden
 the Mercurial traits grants
 keeping it, perfect and pristine
 protect it, the mind and body
 with the heavens' blessings
 ruled by Mercury, the planet
 twice, in exalted power stance
 carries the seeds of intellect
 those belonging to this sign
 humanity's guardians are
 mind's first students of
 thrives in a neat, sound, organized
 learning, inquiring life

The Young Harlequin

People were meant to live in bliss
Even though that no longer exists
So there is a lot that she misses
That young harlequin, the maiden

She is out of luck and understands
How difficult it is to get by
And was even punched by an old man
As a child, she thought she would die

She will smile in spite of your abuse
Because any fire at all is true
And every time that she gets a bruise
The young harlequin? She will smile for you

Pass us by or be careful out there

Maiden in the Green Gown

Lovely maiden in green gown,
So tall and delicately slender,
Soulful eyes begrimed with worry,
Lovely dream escaped from feathered pillow.
Lovely maiden in green gown,
So fine and delicate skin,
Perfection of form; so rare,
Achilles a forlorn, love-ridden bitter man.
Lovely maiden in green gown,
So thus,
I love you, though you will never know,
Lamentably, you are entombed with some other man.
So it is then,
This fairest maid of all maidens,
So demure and liqueur,
Life and mortal.
So it is then,
May we dance or but me dotingly stroking oil' away your pain,
So lost I am,
May we dance.
So it is then,
lovely maiden in green gown,

Reliable Virgo

The most reliable zodiac
Invaluable - never slack
Never seen a state of panic
The hard work shines truly generous
Helping anyone in need
Compassionate wonderful individual
Trust their positive guidance - they do know
Flawless symbolized by a maiden
Tough on yourself straightforward with others
Not concerned with dramatic bliss
Always consistent with their actions
Open in the changes they hold close

Animal Costumes

oh these virgo people i know
they be rockin animal costumes
they are wild, yet tame,
its a beautiful thing
kindness like that is a blessing
and the seers say its discernment,
cause kindness never happen by accident

Modest and Shy

you’re modest and shy, which interestingly attracts attention
you don’t want to hear, your handbag is a mess, which drives you out of station
you only eat vegetables, and are handsome with a deep concentration
in the bed, you’re a virgin, but can benefit procreation

August’s Very Best

August's very best
She's a true maiden
from rages ahead with her grace
in space

He thought, no, she's
still a true
heaven dweller from
that glorious space

Firey summer Sun
month of a Phoenix
from a Divine nest
in twinkle of time
bright spice for Summer sure

Long won, was a fiery meet
a new Phoenix
soon from this nest
for twirling partner of line
into delicious Summer cure

A Sketch

sketch us an image of you together
on a bed maybe with a feather pillow,
your naked bodies leaning one over
the other oh then what to dare here follow?

skin on skin that warmth the gentle
curl of human nature the sting of 
the snake what then to rush the next do
we really not owe it to each other.

less naked this time she more clad,
the love in the eyes the fire burning 
the chest the lap he sits upon, the 
lover in song the messenger

of the Goddess who is come only
as innocent child can you not see? 

Subtle Maid

subtle maid in white yarrow
 cleanly dressed and doth know
 the hammer and the pitchfork
 of the virgo she awaits in the dark
 but if one sees her passionate word
 the maiden shall be heard
 if the one close to her likes silver
 the virgin maid gives forth her silky splendor
 be warned the maiden is the harvester
 whose sense of smell will warn
 whether one loves her whether dear or a friend
 her sharp tongue will judge fairly either vend
 and for one who wants a romantic date
 bring a flower of peace and mediate
 that your love not just be a moze
 bring one life but give nature the forest a rose

Lonesome Room

 waking every morning with a high of 110%
 she lives as high in the sky as her eager feet soar 
 as if grounded with the hope of an innocent gal,
 maiden-like leading her earthly purpose towards the door...
 and like the door,
 to which she will enter, 
 maybe resembling her lonesome room
 in which, I would always wonder, the absence of a broom, 
 her curls so frizzy, lying all over the bed 
 as if my waiting her in an eternal dream 
 or a girl so innerly beautiful in her daily endless toil,
 an hidden pearl inside a sea of creams...
 on the bed, a sleeping angel, so phlegmatic and delicate,
 a lady in distress, heart a delicate Easter egg or a mobius strip. 
 A page that tells her life, so anxious for closure to its tip, 
 writing with an ink pen elusively relieving of a lip. 
 A painful life that seemed a labyrinth so engulfed
 in the undaunted devotion to the life-sometimes-insightful tale,
 she discarded the thought, 
 yet yearned for the love relief once i bade.
 ...and mute, oh!-but gladly with half a mind, I blessed:
 I could not let her lie,
 on her bed, awaiting her sleep somewhere in the world,
 my promisory note yet not to be seen, nor unfolded-
 like her life, still in the dust.

The Serpent

 Under her foot, Lying supine on the Earth,
 And under her arm hiding behind her back,
 We see The Serpent, Ahh the legendary serpent,
 Victoria stands triumphant with Bow, and the arrow
 just wound and lethally striking, she looks at the sky
 with a sense of infinite journey as we glimpse at Ceres
 on her way with the sacred sheaf of wheat in her hands.
 Secured safely in her hands with infinite love and care,
 She imagines beyond mundane and what seems physical.
 She is forever concerned with the higher matters at play.
 She listens to the flapping of the wings and takes note of the vibrations.
 Scoffing at the serpent, considering herself superior in virtue,
 And with her power of healing, she converts others.

The Feminist

 a feminine zodiac sign
 with spun gold or sun-gold hair,
 a beauteous, magnetic girl or mythic maiden,
 she freshly flowers, lightly smiles, tears
 with subtle sway, elusive edge, and placidity
 and sense, as soft winds kiss and scintillate
 her red-rose cheeks, sweet-plumb-hued lips,
 lush, bunched grapes yielding graceful wine,
 she gathers, adores, disdains, ignores and loves
 and keeps for life, for drink, for death, to live,
 to keep; this damsel, this dame, she\u2019s queen
 and king, and thief, and merchant, and weight,
 and she is light and breeze, and she is treasure,
 and she is he, and he is her, with sacred fate
 in love or hate like seasons young and old,
 embassy of man with meditation to behold,
 she whispers her hushed tales when spoken bold,
 or unheard, or sought, or hidden

Her Constellation

 My eyes are free when I look towards the stars.
 I’m drawn towards a constellation called Virgo.
 She represents herself with a tall stalk of grain in her right hand,
 And a trapezoid under her left, which is a piece of a constellation called Crater.
 A melodic masterpiece starts playing on the radio, again.
 All along the water’s edge, there is a bright green serene meadow,
 A white cluster of delicate daisies in the middle,
 A light blue sky, with a bed of white clouds against them,
 And a constant breeze flowing through all of the blades of grass.
 A high-pitched hummingbird flutters into view, again.
 With an emerald moon beaming in the nearby river pond,
 A serene sensation starts to take over, with a strange gracefulness,
 I’ve never felt before, as one single wish starts to take the lead,
 Inside the curiosity of my grasp.
 A chilly warm breeze hits my face, setting my cheek to a rosy glow.
 I wonder, if this is a dream,
 A promise of a definite future,
 A glimpse of my god-given path,
 And what secrets these flowers are keeping, that are so close to my soul.

A Lovely Name

Virgo, the maiden
 Very lovely name
 Make you blush in shame
 More humble than cordial
 Active in communion hall
 Go beyond morning dew
 Of field of grass, true
 By the light of the moon
 Driving out life's doom


 The world shall pass you by
 While you stand daydreaming
 By a tree in a valley nigh
 The breeze will start screaming
 You must  wake up, little one
 To your journey on the boughs
 At this moment there is someone
 Who could love you oh so now
 But you hardly notice him
 As you play odes on the strings
 As you rest among flowers dim
 You yell at romances so ding
 The world has passed you by
 But you never cared it seemed
 From the smiles of your eyes
 You know your heart still gleamed
 Though love you may never know
 There is always more to life
 And surely one day you shall show
 What you have kept from strife