Virgo Gemstones – Crystals, Minerals, and More!

Virgo needs a stone that reminds them that they need to take care of themselves, that they need to reprioritize, and that they need to trust the Universe.

Virgo needs to remember that not accomplishing everything is okay and to not beat themselves up for those mistakes. Here is what we recommend.

Spinel ๐ŸŸฅ

One of our preffered stones for Virgo is spinel, a gemstone with an overwhelming energetic and power color. Spinels are natural gemstones that come in red, orange, blue and purple. Virgo can identify with most of these colors and learn several life lessons from spinel.

The red reflect leadership, confidence, prosperity, love, sexual magick and courage, among countless other amazing powers. Using this gemstone, Virgoโ€™s qualities blossom, giving them sexual energy and control, passion that can be used in any environment, and a powerful way to channel their energy.

The yellow spin would represent leadership, confidence, prosperity, responsibility and courage, both to themselves and others. Virgos tend to be excellent leaders and command others. However, they fail to command themselves, and therefore, donโ€™t realize their worth and their ability to succeed and pass the torch onto others.

The blue spinels give a more calm, serene and healing energy, providing a spiritual and emotional calmness. Virgos will find success with blue-colored spinels, for it will remind them of their spiritual self, their respect for all boundaries, and their ability to listen, understand and provide levels to their emotional needs.

Blue also reminds of perfectionism – they are obsessing over perfection and therefore, providing unchecked work to all others. The purple spinel brings a real balance.

To all other spinels mentioned above, they added the communication and communication and intelligence of the Gemini zodiac sign.

Purple encourages communication and intelligence, which Virgo will find success within. Purple also forces them to speak to them and remind them of their morals.

Chrysocolla ๐ŸŸข

Chrysocolla would be an excellent gem for Virgos. Chrysocolla houses the feminine and feminine qualities of life. Venting, releasing, and relaxing can be a piece of cake – with the help of chrysocolla.

Chrysocolla provides spiritual balance and souls with a strong, powerful color in light blue and green. Hair pieces, jewelry, engraved stones and more make this gemstone an essential to the Virgo zodiac sign.

Chrysocolla can host a calming, serene energy, in which the Virgo zodiac sign needs the most. Chrysocolla resonates closely with the elements associated with sex, love, and intimacy.

The gem was sought out by Cleopatra, who believed that Chrysocolla would increase her beauty and her power. She also used it in clothing and makeup.

Chrysocolla contains a copper base which is showered in textured shades of blue, blue-green and green. As a copper base itself, it is easily found and affordable.

Chrysocolla’s meaning and use in the area of love is powerful. If you are in a relationship and wish to strengthen the bonds of love and protect the love, the gem should be placed in your place of rest, whether that be a pillow or a nightstand.

In addition to relationships that are strong, Chrysocolla also helps with relationships that are not feeling connected, as well with loneliness and sexual submissiveness.

Its ability to increase your attractiveness and charm will blend new love with the love already surrounding us. Do you wish to attract a new love? Crush a crush? Or do you want to spice up your marriage or relationship? Wearing a few pieces of Chrysocolla jewelry on a day to day basis has been said to work wonders.

Lapis lazuli ๐ŸŒ

If you are a Virgo and are struggling to accept the kindness and unconditional love youโ€™re receiving, the gemstone lapis lazuli is highly recommended.

Lapis Lazuli gem is so powerful that Aquamarine looks like water compared to it. Lapis is a wise stone that amplifies powers of the mind and is a protector against evil.

One of the main benefits of this stone is that it increases your psychic abilities. In addition, the stone promotes heavenly thoughts, or thoughts above the material world.

Lapis Lazuli has very remarkable sky blue colors, which is associated with the heavens and sky. The wise gem also represents wisdom and truth and allows for honesty and integrity to come forth for all to observe.

Once this happens then there are no more secrets. The truth is known and Virgo can become more self-assured and confident.

The color of Lapis Lazuli is truly remarkable, a shade of blue you cannot find in the earth. This gorgeous gem has the power of the air and the sky.

Lapis lazuli is a gemstone that helps build self-love and love towards others. It encourages fairness and justice as well. It helps you understand the sacredness of life, of your connection to others and of your ability to understand everything.

Lapis lazuli carries power that connects you to the people around you, to the collective consciousness and the wisdom of truth. This gemstone shows you that youโ€™re not alone, but that you share experiences, emotions and thoughts with other people.

It encourages you to remind yourself that you are perfect exactly the way you are and that you should learn to accept yourself. Lapis lazuli wants you to understand that loving yourself is the first step to healing, to spirituality and to achieving your dreams. It gemstone wants you to understand how your life should be.

Amazonite ๐ŸŒŽ

Another gemstone that can resonate great with Virgo is amazonite. Being a practical, spiritual yet logical person, the perfect gemstone for Virgos is amazonite.

Amazonite can help a Virgo block the energy from their imagination that so often overlaps and chances their creativity. The amazonite, often called “a lucky stone”, it’s a perfect stone for a Virgo to combat moments of everlasting optimism that Virgos have.

Paradise is an ideal construct that seems so far away because dreams can seem to evanescent or burdensome. But Amazonite says, in moment that you feel down as you should worry less, live more and do as much charity work as possible or something like that so you don’t feel so pretentiously optimistic.

Amazonite color is a blue-green. The stone encourages truth, trust and stillness, but shares the essence of Virgo in other ways.

The stone brings together heart and throat, harmonizing the two. Virgo is no Stranger to feeling torn, heart and throat are usually waging a war with each other, however, Amazonite brings it all together in one place, bringing heart and throat together in harmony.

The Amazonite stone’s unique color aligns with your heart chakra and helps the voice of your heart speak, is better able to recognize the true voice of your heart and really experience the balance of harmonizing your emotional and physical.

You will find yourself not over-thinking, helping your emotional well-being, slowing down the fast pace of your life, and having a quiet, calm mind. Ultimately, Virgo can experience a reduction in anxiety, low levels of stress and a natural and calm mental state.

Rhodonite ๐ŸŒบ

Rhodonite is a last gemstone that can resonate greatly with Virgo. Rhodonite is a stone that is pink in color and is known as the stone of compassion. The color of the stone creates a spirit of grounding and a sense of calmness. The stone brings your body and spirit together, bringing a sense of wellness and calmness to Virgo.

Like other stones, the stone brings forth a sense of relaxation and of slowing down. However, the pink color grounds and calm the energy. People’s challenges, questions and faults can affect your energy deeply. But this stone brings peace and loving energy to you, turning negativity into a feeling of passion that drives you.

The stone also brings a sense of harmony, teaching Virgo not to worry and feel central to what is happening around them, like things are far from you within reach. In other materials, the stone encourages kindness and helps Virgo in easing their anxiety, fear and kindness.

Love and forgiveness are almost the same thing, allowing them to live in a space without fear of the unknown.

Rhodonite also connects to the heart chakra and allows Virgos to open themselves to all avenues of love, like unconditional love. Pink tourmaline brings love in all forms, love that heals and restores, love that calms temper, and the more superficial love.

The Rhodonite gemstone allows you freedom of expression and encourages you to follow your heart in all you do. It instills gentleness and a nurturing feeling in your body. It teaches you to love others and yourself, to love what you do and what inspires you.

Rhodonite restores your body, forces you to nurture your soul and to stop overanalyzing yourself and everything else. The gemstone encourages you to understand who you are, to risk and to develop your spirituality and sense of self.

Abalone Shells ๐Ÿš

Next, while technically not a gem, Virgo needs a powerful agent of change. The astrology sign goes through change just as much as the seasons. Virgoโ€™s gemstone has to represent the cycles and the changes in their lives.

Abalone shells are excellent for change and for transformation. The shell provides a home for a sea snail. During its life, the shell provides safety for their body and for their mind. Once the snail passes, the shell will slowly decay, going back into the dirt and slowly transforms the shell into new life – plants, rocks and more.

Abalone shells are a reflection of the change that many go through in their lives. From the sand and earth, you will be taken to another dimension without life, without decisions, without choices. Instead, youโ€™ll see the world in its true form.

Abalone shells also represent cleansing, protection, rejuvenation, reminding you that you overcame several hardships, brought them to the light, overanalyzed them, and matured them into lessons and life skills.