The Zodiac Signs as Websites


So you think you know your zodiac sign? Well, think again! Here, we compare the 12 zodiac signs to popular websites. See which website best suits your personality!

Aries – Netflix

Aries are likely to binge watch much of the content shown on their site. As energetic and playful as Aries ain’t it obvious that for each episode of Newly released show, Aries will want to see another?

Taurus – Amazon

Taurean females would lose their mind for shopping and hence shopping at Amazon is no less than shopping at a retail store. As ever so practical and efficient, Taurean male is most likely to look for quality from the product he wants and make a study of the product’s user comments before the purchase.

Gemini – Facebook

Geminian’s love drama, most often. Geminians lead a something like this “just got up , drama, drama, drama and finally sleep”. Clear signs of Geminians are on your Facebook.

Cancer – DeviantArt

Cancerians are not just keen on artistic works. They have the divine power to create clearly and artistically good stuff that will inspire others. DeviantArt is the best exposure to their talents as an artist.

Leo – YouTube

Leo is a showpiece in life. These folks like to get responded for whatever might be for their skills or for their necessary existence. So why not use YouTube, the most popular place where the world expresses their talents publicly, to show how amazing they are.

Virgo – Google Scholar

For each and every question, there is a search that lands you with answers. Want to ask from a doctor? Take advice from Google Scholar. Reach research papers, patents and stuff and know that you are as practical as Virgo. Speculate for answers for every single doubt and hence get to know the best facts. This is called being technically skilled like Virgo.

Libra – Pinterest

Each one has a particular theme that interests them. Librans too have specific interests and they must have a place where they can disperse those and gain similar interests, like Pinterest, where one can take ideas and also share their creative skills and interests.

Scorpio – Reddit

Internal-conflict serves to strengthen the Scorpio. F**k the world and seize what is mine? That’s a usual thought of Scorpio. The moderation policy of this web site encourages people to share and disguise from the negative comments of users.

Sagittarius – HuffPost

Brilliantly challenging, the source thought-provoking and impressive content. The personality of Sagittarius is an altered of optimistic-realist. This is achieved by choices. Chose wisely about anything and be a rational sagittarian.

Capricorn – Stackoverflow

As far as programming is concerned, this is how Capricornians make their mind in life. Date it? Code it! You can learn anything if it is needed. Capricornian will try to learn it. They live the success they have achieved by code-coding day-night and they can stop at nothing. Build it? Build it!

Aquarious – Hentai-haven

Even with their desire to lead unusual lives, this site is to serve the diaphanous ease of Aquarian. Sex is not why they visit. Unlike the usual contents, they stick to the site by going even to the deeper level.

Pisces – WebMD

As empathetic and compassionate as Pisces can think that all others might need a relief. And yes, WebMD provides answers for each and everything, just like a piscean supporter.