The Definitive Guide to Scorpio Season


Welcome to the dark side, ladies. It’s Scorpio season.

Scorpios, with their cunning and subversiveness, might not have the best reputations. That’s why it’s no coincidence that October 23 to November 21 of each year is the season for everything spooky (Halloween! Elections!) and sexy. 

As we greet the season with scary movies and sparkling wine, major planetary movements will meet us right at the start. There will be a new moon and a solar eclipse on October 25, Tuesday. Scorpio season always brings transformations but couple this with the eclipses, and we might face dramatic changes. 

Mars, the planet of physical energy and action, will go on retrograde on October 30. We might feel restless or exhausted more than usual. You might have zero energy to take concrete steps, but this will be a time for you to reflect and tinker with your path.  

Don’t lose sight of the future, and look within. After all, Scorpio season is the season for chaos and rebirth.

Here’s how to survive Scorpio season according to your Sun sign:


The Ram

It’s time to manifest the love that you most desire. Whisper to the universe what you need and want with the help of the solar eclipse on October 25. Don’t get distracted with pining over your past loves when the Mars retrograde on October 30 tempts you to do so. You might be down on luck on love now, but this cuffing season under the Scorpio stars will change your fortunes. Evaluate what’s important to you in a relationship and bring out the fire inside you.


The Bull

Work will kick your ass this Scorpio season. It might take a toll on you, and you might hyper-focus on flaws. Still, it’s not the time to fret and beat yourself up over mistakes. Focus on the big picture and build on having healthy habits. Stick to a routine and a set schedule. Take care of your body and get more active. Clean your space. When the solar eclipse on October 25 clears the anxiety and doubt, you will be rewarded for doing so.


The Twins

Your natural instinct for seeking information will be heightened when the solar eclipse comes on October 25. Take the opportunity this Scorpio season to unplug. Avoid overwhelming your very active brain. Keep your screen time on social media to a minimum. Allow yourself to disconnect from chatting and texting. Binge that TV show you have been meaning to watch. Read that book that’s been on your shelf for two years. Take a walk. Breathe.


The Crab

Cancer is the sign most compatible with Scorpio. No wonder this Scorpio season is it for you and your hopes. The solar eclipse on October 25 will be the perfect opportunity for you to manifest your dreams and turn them into reality. Shoot for the stars and set your goals. Map out how to achieve what you want. Get a journal and make your to-do lists. Buckle up, Cancer. It’s your time to shine.


The Lion

The Mars retrograde on October 30 might deal a blow to your naturally confident self. Your mind might be filled with flashbacks of a failed business or personal relationship. Don’t let the past bring you down and hold you back, though. Have courage and allow this Scorpio season to guide you in setting boundaries for what you want in relationships and what you want to do to achieve success.


The Scales

You are a natural lovebird, aren’t you? Scorpio season might be your season’s bookend, but romance will still find its way to you. This will be the perfect time to dive back into the dating pool. That’s why you need to harness the energy of the solar eclipse on October 25 and manifest what you are looking for in a dream partner.


The Scorpion

Pay absolutely no mind to what other people are saying (But then again, you wouldn’t be a Scorpio if you did, right?). Your ruling planet Mars, going backwards on October 30, will give you breakthroughs in your job, relationships, projects, and dreams. People will be skeptical. Other people will be hostile. Give zero f—-, baby. This is your time.


The Archer

The intensity of Scorpio season might clash with your natural, free spirit. Here is a bombshell for you this season, though: not every one of your friends is your friend. Dive deep into the intimacy of the season and evaluate who is really on your side. Release the people who hold you back from being the best version of yourself. Drop the baggage, and you will fly as free as an arrow again.


The Sea Goat

The energy from the solar eclipse of October 25 will bring you closer to what you want. You have done the work. You have put in the effort. You have done your best to improve and evolve. Now, you will reap the rewards this Scorpio season.


The Water Bearer

Scorpio season might be the season of struggles for you. With the eclipse on October 25, you might face setbacks in your professional aspirations. Lean into

your creativity and manifest your vision. You might be thrust into the spotlight you have been craving for a long time.


The Fish

Trust yourself. It’s all about the money for you this Scorpio season. The Mars retrograde on October 30 will set the stage for you to gain financially. To maximize your income, you need to let your personality shine and put in the work on projects you have never pursued before.