The 2022 Cheat Sheet for Sagittarius Season


Wake up, babe. The season for cheer is here!

After the spookiness of the Scorpio season, it’s time to put the skeletons back in the closet. We welcome the archer with open arms as it stays with us from 22nd November to 21st December.

The archer’s time to shine brings some much-needed spontaneity and adventure into each zodiac’s daily routines. Known for their wanderlust and nonexistent filter, Sagittarians are a shining example of why letting a little excitement rock our world is a good thing (I’m looking at you, Zoë Kravitz).

This is the season to embark on new horizons while pursuing opportunities to enhance mental fortitude. It’s all about traveling and staying grounded. A few significant cosmic events, e.g., Jupiter ending its retrograde motion on 23rd November, will influence the signs’ luck throughout the season.

So, grab a warm cup of tea and settle down in your comfiest PJs. Without further ado, here is your guide to Sagittarius season.


♈️ March 21 – April 19

A rollercoaster ride of new beginnings and adventure awaits! As the season of the Sag commences, your penchant for travel and growth goes into overdrive. It is the best time out of 2022 to pursue a solo holiday to exotic destinations; I hear Anguilla is lovely this time of year. Picking up a new language will also seem more effortless than usual. Parlez-vous francais? C’est du gâteau.

Be sure to have your doors wide open for any opportunities that may come knocking your way. A word of advice for this one, go way beyond your comfort zone. Go do stuff you wouldn’t normally do. Btw, Jupiter’s retrograde ending on 25th November will leave you with no shortage of creative inspiration. A few health scares may happen, but don’t worry! Your stars are looking out for you as your ninth house of philosophy will be on fire throughout the season. Ensuring that you are in the right headspace to deal with them.


♉️ April 20 – May 20

A newfound appreciation for intimacy and introspection is in the cards this coming Sagittarius season. Oh, Taurus. This will be a take-it-easy kind of season for you. A bit of reprieve from all the drama of 2022. You are definitely in the best state of mind to self-reflect. Are you happy with your current status in life right now? How about your career? What goals do you have for the future? Sure, there will be doubts, but the bull in you is tough enough to take it in stride. 

Make no mistake! It’s still going to be an exciting season as Sagittarius will heat up your eighth house, which governs both intimate and financial aspects—combined with a new moon on 23rd November, ’tis a sign of new beginnings. A promising financial venture may bring fruit, or developments in your romantic life will surely come. The thing is, take it easy and savor the excitement these changes bring into your life. 


♊️ May 21 – June 20

Prepare for trouble and make it double! Good news, Gemini! The coming of the archer signifies some spicy developments in your relationships. No need for love potions as the stars continue to bless your seventh house of partnership. As funny as it sounds, you may find yourself channeling Vin Diesel from the Furious franchise when the new moon is in Sagittarius. There’s no harm in being sentimental; it’s a different side to you that everyone appreciates.

This Sagittarius season encourages more awareness of your emotions. You may be bottling some stuff up, but it is time to acknowledge those feelings. You might’ve been keeping someone on the sidelines. Knock knock! It is time to let them in and take it to the next level. And don’t forget to enjoy the holidays! It will be an intoxicating season surrounded by friends and family that love and adore you.


♋️ June 21 – July 22

Your stars tell you to start a self-care routine, Cancer. You’re the (wo)man for everything; everybody looks to you to keep things spic and span. The incoming holiday season will make things even more hectic (sigh). As the sun enters Sagittarius, you’re encouraged to take time off for yourself. Strap on that ‘I’m unavailable’ sign, run a bath, and indulge in those limited edition bath bombs you were saving for a special occasion.

If you’re looking for a sign to take back control of your life, the season of the archer is here for you. Don’t worry. You will find the strength to make some changes and find the freedom you’ve unconsciously sought after. This is a period of change and finding your center. Jupiter ends its retrograde on 25th November and will guide you in reassessing your priorities and exploring new relationships. Lucky you, you don’t have to actively seek out opportunities as they will naturally find their way to you.


♌️ July 23 – August 22

A season filled with dreams and love awaits you, Leo! As the sun approaches the archer’s domain, your sexuality will play a crucial part in your well-being. Sagittarius season also means Venus is in the fifth house of pleasure. This zodiac sector is all about making yourself feel good, whether scheduling a steamy night with your SO or splurging on a new wardrobe. If you have a wishlist for Santa this year, Jupiter ending its retrograde will help you get what you want.

It is the time for gratitude as you suddenly find your goals well within your grasp. There might be minor setbacks like project delays but nothing you can not conquer. The lion’s charm is also on full blast this season as you find more people drawn into your circle. Overall, it’s a very auspicious holiday season for you!


♍️ August 23 – September 22

Let your hair down and have fun on your own terms, Virgo! There’s never been a better time to give yourself a moment to decompress. Sagittarius season also marks the sun being in the 4th house of home and family, which means you can enjoy the love of your family (blood or chosen) to the fullest. Developments for your romantic relationships are also on the horizon. There’s no better time to discuss your holiday plans with your significant other.

As the appointed hermit, you value your space. The upcoming festivities may encroach on that, so being able to mentally prepare yourself is a must. Set aside time to reflect on how you want to spend your holidays. Remember, we can only be in one place at a time. Prioritize where you want to spend your energy and implement those boundaries.


♎️ September 23 – October 22

Audentis Fortuna iuvat. Fortune favors the bold. And this upcoming Saggitarius season, you’re feeling extra daring, Libra. Where is it coming from? Well, it’s a boost that rises from the archer’s house of adventure and higher learning. You’re finally becoming the total badass that you are. As you’re riding this high, take this as an opportunity to overcome that innate sense of fairness. Advocate for yourself at work and ask for a raise. The results of your courage may surprise you.

New opportunities will come knocking your way, although you must change preconceived notions of where these chances come from. Additionally, the holidays might be too much for the ultimate host, such as yourself. The little details will give you a headache; either lay off the micromanaging or take down little notes instead of committing every minor detail to memory.


♏️ October 23 – November 21

Sagittarius may have come barreling in, but you still have enough reasons to celebrate Scorpio. The sun enters your second house, the house of possessions; there is assurance that you will be comfortable throughout the holidays. You will move forward in leaps and bounds regarding your ambitions and financial ventures.

You must remember your core principles in the hustle and bustle of holiday cheer. Don’t get lost in the noise of all the merry. Journalling and meditation will aid you in reorienting your sense of self. Remember, you are in immense control. Don’t be roped into attending a Christmas Party you didn’t want to participate in. Set boundaries and be confident in your ability to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings.


♐️ November 22 – December 21

Bring out the party hats and the animal balloons, Sagittarius! It’s an eccentric merry time, and you’ve been dying to shine. Jupiter’s retrograde is ending, so you have no shortage of creative inspiration. You will find yourself going full speed in everything you do. It’s going to be so hectic, but you love the energy.

In other words, you’re going into overdrive to capture those artistic muses. They may feel fleeting, but they’ll still be there when you resume. Be mindful of your limits. Seriously. Don’t forget to take little breaks here and there to prevent burning out. Take a chill pill and breathe.


♑️ December 22 – January 19

Pat yourself in the back for a job well done, Capricorn. As the sun enters the domain of the archer, there are more reasons to celebrate. Whether closing a tricky deal or getting over an emotional slump, this is your time to be proud of your achievements. Jupiter going into Pisces bodes well for the third house of communication. Keep your ears open for important news within your immediate circle.

The season also brings you an awareness of your growth in the past year. You’ve overcome all sorts of obstacles, and Sagittarius reminds you to take a step back and admire your evolution into the fine specimen that you are. As the de facto workaholic of the zodiac, this is the perfect time to let loose and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You deserve it.


♒️ January 20 – February 18

Get the sash and channel your inner Miss Universe, Aquarius. As the sun enters Sagittarius, you are encouraged to take steps to support a cause close to your heart. Getting behind an advocacy campaign will give you a sense of fulfillment like no other.

The season emphasizes your social circle, so you may have a more substantial need to spend the holidays with your chosen family. Prioritize your feelings when choosing the best way to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Do take care; the hecticness and stress of the season may overwhelm you. Navigate through these challenging situations with your communication skills. Relying on your inner strength to overcome these challenges will lead to a better understanding of yourself.


♓️ February 19 – March 20

Set down the binoculars, Pisces. Those lofty goals you’ve been eyeing are now within reach. Bring out the Kanban board and slap on the things you want to achieve. Putting them into writing keeps you on track and laser-focused. As Jupiter (the luckiest planet) goes into your sign, you will notice things going your way.

Professional success is definitely on the cards for you, Pisces. Whether it’s a promotion or a compliment from your boss for taking care of that high-stakes presentation, you are collecting gold stars for a job well done. Just in time for the holidays, money won’t be too tight. You can splurge on a fancy bottle of Krug to celebrate. Just be careful to spend only a little. Remember, you are one lucky gal this season.