Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo from the Fashion Week 22 Runway

From left to right: Aliette, Stella McCartney, Diesel, Victoria Beckham, Bottega Veneta

In need of a little inspiration for the perfect Thanksgiving outfit? Well, you’re in luck! I scoured this year’s prêt-à-porter fall collections from the top fashion houses and collated some of my favorite looks. I know, I know high fashion’s definition of ready-to-wear might be a bit too extravagant for us common folk, but hear me out. Most of these pieces are wearable for even the most fashionably challenged.

Fall 2022 fashion week might seem like ages ago. However, if you’re copping these looks, there’s still an assurance that you’re on trend and looking your best. Admittedly, I was fashion-challenged growing up. I may or may not still have nightmares about those brightly colored skinny jeans. However, I now have the wisdom gathered through my questionable style choices to aid you in looking like the most comfortable baddest b**** during Thanksgiving.

For the broke girls like me, remember, fashion is about self-expression. You can borrow some elements from these pieces and customize your own outfit! That’s where the inspiration comes in. Be confident and own your look, girl. What’s important is you’re enjoying yourself in the company of the people you love. May it be the traditional Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, a formal affair, or a solo thing you got going on, slay the holiday by being your sexy self.

Daring diagonals by Stella McCartney

When this collection came out, I was gushing over how gorgeous the knitwear was. Look number 13’s white zigzags defined the outfit and guided the eye to the wearer’s flattering areas. There are strategic, and dare I sexy, cuts made on the sleeves. To say I live for its colorway is an understatement. It’s the perfect mixture of fall with a pop of pastel. Meanwhile, look 40 is a fabulous wool coat with emphasized shoulders and barely there gold accents. I love how this coat looks restrained yet the gold diagonals and accessories add a hint of excitement that ties the look togetehr.

Caramel comfort by Ulla Johnson

The warmth evoked by metallic textiles shines brightly in this collection by Ulla Johnson. All the clothes are the paragons of the pre-a-porter; comfortable yet undeniably beautiful. My absolute faves are looks 27 and 32. 27 is a sweater and pants combo with a pattern that reminds me of maple leaves. Of course, the knitting is gorgeous. 32 is composed of a pink satin blouse complete with princess seams, while the leg of mutton sleeves demands the attention it deserves.

Bright and bold by Victoria Beckham

I never knew I needed a statement coat in bright orange until I saw Victoria Beckham’s. It’s surprisingly versatile, given how muted the monograms are. Another one that caught my eye is a wine-red layered sequin turtleneck dress. It’s flashy but conservative, a combo I’m surprisingly a fan of. I’m usually opposed to bright, loud colors- I’ll die clutching my nude tones- but Victoria hits the goldilocks zone between head-turner and tacky.

Denim deconstructed by Diesel

Diesel is a brand that shook me back in February. I never knew denim could look so stunning. Flayed denim floofed to the point it resembled a wool coat is revolutionary. The atelier’s talent pool is far advanced, but this sounds like something I can actually try doing on my own. The tangerine tone on my second fave outfit plays into this idea of customizability. The floor-length dress has an adjustable slit care of almost invisible tiny hooks. Mind=blown. And for extra flair, there are denim fringes that line up the slit. Like, can you even?

Fringe with benefits by Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta’s masterful leather manipulation was on display for everyone to admire. Matthieu Blazy is an understated genius whose talents shine bright in the Italian fashion house. The whole collection is a masterpiece chockfull of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it details (leather jeans, anyone?) My absolute favorite looks are the frilly leather accents on looks number 7 and 26. The first is a mahogany jumpsuit with leather tassels sprouting from the model’s shoulders. The second one is a dress with knotted shoulder accents inspired by the straps of the iconic Jodie bag. The fringe underskirt provides the perfect amount of drama to make you the life of the party.

Gotham goddess by Alaia

Alaia’s pret-a-porter fall 2022 collection focused on silhouettes and playing with structure. The clothing;’s presentation and movement of the fabric reminded me so much of Catwoman. I remember watching the runway show and thinking hmmm, this is definitely what Michelle Pfieffer’s Selina Kyle would wear. Look 11’s patent leather exudes the same kind of confidence as Catwoman’s ensemble. I mean, it’s a coat, but it’s a sexy coat. While out and about Gotham, Selina would’ve even worn look 34: a black knitted-wrapped dress with dramatic sleeves and a neckline partially covering the model’s face.

Fabulous feathers by Aliette

I know Thanksgiving is all about coming home and being comfortable but hear me out, okay? What if it’s a fancy Friendsgiving party instead? Aliette is here to provide us with much-needed inspiration with its glam collection. The exaggerated balloon sleeves and drama from the feathered skirt is just what you need for a grand entrance. Imagine wearing look number 29, the white tube jumpsuit with yellow feathers. You are fierce, and you are the moment.