Taylor Swift Midnights Album, Pain Scale Rankings


As soon as the clock struck 12, Taylor Swift dropped her 10th studio album, “Midnights,” a little over a week ago. The highly anticipated album made made us feel a whirlwind of emotions.

Within just a week of being released, it has already broken records and literally broke a music streaming app for a few minutes on release day.

Just like how she described it, the album is about the feelings we get as we lay in our beds at midnight. Of course, this article was also written at midnight while in bed.

Picture this,

You come into the doctor’s office complaining of pain. One of the things the doctor will ask you is to rate your pain on a scale of 1-10.

Because Ms. Swift is a master of hurting us with her songs, we listened to Midnights and scored each song from 1-10, with the 10 being the one that hurts the most.

Disclaimer: This is purely based on the article writer’s opinion, who’s not a professional. It is simply a product of the things happening inside her head while listening to the album.

Lavender Haze (2/10)

The song’s catchy melody just makes you feel light and happy and move with your body. Delving into the lyrics, you can see how being in love can make you feel at ease, and because of that, you never want to let go of it. You would do anything to not ruin it. It shows the lengths you are prepared to go to to stay in that magical bubble.

Maroon (10/10)

This is one of the most painful songs Taylor has ever written. It beautifully tells the tragedy of someone finding the perfect person to be with but eventually losing them. Maroon is about the painful situation where you ask your partner, “what happened to us”? It shows how one lousy break-up can leave a mark and force you to carry the pain through every relationship afterward.

Anti-Hero (8/10)

As someone who overthinks, this hits right at home. It perfectly depicts how someone can bring oneself down with their own thoughts. They know they must stop doing this because they are sabotaging themselves, but they cannot stop. It is hard for them to stop thinking about these thoughts even if they know that many are false. This song reminds us to be kind to others and stop invalidating how they feel. People have real feelings; we should listen to them and be with them in whatever way they need it.

Snow On The Beach (2/10)

This song is one of the sharpest metaphors Taylor has used to describe the feeling of falling in love. Snow of the Beach describes how dreamy the feeling of falling in love is — like seeing snow on a beach. How you feel like your crush doesn’t notice you, but simultaneously they’re in love with you. It’s like asking yourself, “is this real life?” and the answer is, “yes, it is, and I’m happy everything just lines up for me.”

You’re On Your Own, Kid (8/10)

Adding to the list of the infamous Track 5s by Taylor, this song is sure to hurt you. The song starts as a somewhat light one with a lively melody. But don’t be fooled. Listening to the lyrics describes a woman who tries to fit in but later realizes how alone she really is. She puts in a lot of effort, even willing to change herself, just to get the affection of someone who will never care for her. “You’re on your own, Kid” will leave a hole in your heart.

Midnight Rain (10/10)

Midnight Rain will definitely be on top if we are talking about the songs that are so tear-jerking. The great dilemma of choosing between love or career. The consequence of choosing your career over the comforting feeling of being in love. The contrast between someone staying in the warmth of the relationship and someone pushing herself to the cold and harsh path of career. Another tragedy is so masterfully translated into a song.

Question…? (8/10)

People have interpreted this song in more ways than one. It could be from one of two points of view: someone inside the relationship or someone from outside the relationship, like a best friend. Either way, it still hurts due to the inevitable pain you will feel when you try to confront someone. You will never be prepared for their answers. Yet, you crave clarification on what went wrong. You need the answers to the questions left hanging in your mind after the end of the relationship.

Vigilante Shit (numb/10)

It reminds me of Taylor’s past track entitled “No body, No Crime.” It describes someone profoundly hurt by another person, constructing a perfect revenge. They both were planned by someone outside of the relationship (maybe a friend) to get back at another person. The song is full of angst, making you want to wear your best revenge dress and go out. All I can say is, slaayyyy.

Bejeweled (1/10)

Bejeweled is about someone being gaslit by their partner but finally realizing their worth. The person in the song was still able to shine after the relationship. Also, it can be about someone who feels like they’re being dragged down but still manages to stay confident. I guess this song is trying to empower people to liberate their “inner tiger” because we are all stars in our own way. We just have to unleash it.

Labyrinth (7/10)

Labyrinth is about the moment you realize that you are definitely falling in love. It perfectly captures the emotions that would set in when you are in that moment. You get scared of what might happen because you feel it is happening way too fast. That part hurts because our minds tend to focus on the possibility of everything falling apart. Although, just like how fast the relationship blossomed quickly, we can get over it quickly.

Karma (1/10)

We all know that Taylor believes in karma, as evidenced by several of her songs about it. But ‘Karma’ takes on a more lively aura. Swift brags to one of her exes about the amazing karma Swift has recently received. Swift tells us how she has improved each year, while the ex’s nasty actions seem to be catching up. Karma really is something.

Sweet Nothing (7/10) – too sweet it actually hurts

We all know about Taylor’s past relationships thanks to the paparazzi and the media. We’re given a glimpse of each story and how almost all ended on a sad note. But in this song, we can see Taylor being all happy and cute with someone, which makes us want that kind of love too. It expertly describes the warm and safe feeling with someone you feel really comfortable with. ‘Sweet Nothing’ will melt your heart.

Mastermind (3/10)

In ‘Mastermind,’ Taylor admits she thought she needed to scheme and plan everything so that she could be loved. This was really heartbreaking. She thought no one would like her for being herself. She felt she had to alter the natural course of events. Toward the end, Swift mentions that the other person knew what Taylor was doing, and they just played along to make her happy. That part erases the song’s pain because of how heartwarming it is. The other person knew, but they still let it happen because, as it turns out, they wanted the Swift too. It’s so beautiful.

In true Taylor fashion,

She released additional 7 surprise tracks that nobody expected. I guess it is true, after all. Swift should not be left to her own devices; it comes with prices. The true price we pay for these bonus songs is our feelings getting messed up by the Mastermind. We’re not complaining anyway! So let’s continue rating each track from the album.

The Great War (7/10)

‘The Great War’ is about the pain that comes with the realization that you were the toxic one in a past relationship and how you carry that baggage into your following relationships. But things take a turn when you find someone who stays with you despite your shortcomings. They make you stop and reflect. You realize that your old ways previously killed a relationship, and you are now willing to let go of your bad habits. You feel secure in your new relationship and will hold onto them throughout.

Bigger Than The Whole Sky (10/10)

Wow, this song is a metaphor for longing and pain. ‘Bigger than the whole Sky’ is about losing someone who significantly impacted you and the regret that comes with their loss. You never wanted to lose that person, but fate had other plans, and you have no choice but to accept it. The hopelessness of it all is flawlessly expressed in a song. This is one of the saddest Swift songs ever.

Paris (1/10)

One of the few songs where Taylor sings about being happily in love and the adventures that come with it. You feel happy and leave it on repeat so you can stay in that paradise with her.

High Infidelity (7/10)

‘High Infidelity’ talks about cheating and the final days of a relationship when you slowly fall out of love with someone. Your empty feelings lead you to find the missing excitement with another person. Absolutely heartbreaking.

Glitch (4/10)

‘Glitch” is about a relationship you keep hidden and how freeing it feels. In a secret relationship, you don’t have to hear other people’s opinions and gossip. At the same time, it describes an unexpected relationship you doubt is serious. This splashes a hint of sadness because even if it looks promising, you are pessimistic about the possibilities and aren’t fully committed for the long term.

Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve (11/10)

Give me back my girlhood. It was mine first.”

–Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve

If these lines don’t crush you, I don’t know what will. Even the way Taylor sounds like her younger self adds to the heart-shattering sense of the song. I had to go past a 10 to rank this song. Even after all these years, Taylor still feels pain and regret in her past relationships. It shows how deep the wounds went. ‘Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” is the most devastating song on the album.

Dear Reader (7/10)

In ‘Dear Reader,’ Taylor speaks to another person (presumably us, her fans) and gives her advice on how to face this harsh world. From her own experiences, Taylor shares her wisdom for us to learn from her mistakes. It is incredibly personal and intimate. You can’t help but feel for her and also be reassured. ‘Dear Reader’ is the perfect end to an amazing roller coaster of an album. Like a hug translated to a song.

Well, Taylor Swift has done it again.

She made us feel pain, hurt, and heartbreak that we never could imagine. Overall, it was a fantastic album and more proof of Swift’s talent as a storyteller. Like visiting a doctor in pain and being given a prescription for relief.

Midnights is the perfect balance of sweet and sad songs. Some make you want to scream at the top of your lungs to release your pent-up feelings. And then there are sweet songs to comfort you and warm you.

Another round of listening to the album may be an appropriate cure for how we’re feeling. Maybe this time with wine and the rest of Taylor’s songs mixed in too.