Taurus Gemstones – Crystals, Minerals, and More!


Looking for the perfect gemstones for your Taurus astrological sign? Check out our guide to the best crystals, minerals, and more, for Taurus!

Taurus find themselves emotionally unstable, volatile and surprisingly inconsistent some times of the year. Taurus is a sign that is as reliable as the day is long. Positive energies are blowing in, bringing renewed hope and motivation. Focusing on the positives is a must for stubborn Taurus. These are the perfect gemstones to compliment bull-headed Taurus’s nature.

Aquamarine 🧿

Aquamarine’s colors are a bridge to the powers of the Gods. The colors in the stone tell a story and hold powers unto themselves. The blue colors represent healing and love, the green colors represent growth and money, and the teal colors represent wisdom. Each attribute the heart and emotions, trying to recover and heal.

The aquamarine gemstone’s colors demonstrate positivity and hope, speaking directly to the heart and soul. The gem carries in its colors the ability to heal and replenish the heart and soul.

The benefits to Taurus are that the gemstone proves to them tranquility, inner peace and the ability to heal. The gemstone aligns with their spiritual body, teaching lessons that help with sexuality, friendships and anxieties. The gem’s colors are a lifesaver and teach lessons that resonate closely with Taurus.

Red Beryl 🟥

Red beryl, more commonly known as bixbite, is a powerful and intense stone for passionate Taurus. Like Taurus, red beryl is passionate and intense, but expresses these properties through its hues – reds, pinks, purples and violets. The colors bring out an energy that all kinds of personalities can identify with. The colors also contain a powerful building, protective and successful power.

It allows you to take up space in the room. It shines, it shows others you are proud of your choices and it encourages self-confidence and self-respect. It represents a powerful healing, encouraging you to recover, repair, and renew your life. Red beryl surprises you with emotional balance, emotional stability and then, the most powerful of all, confidence. Three things that Taurus needs at this exact moment.

Enhanced Confidence 💃

Confidence is something that Taurus can always use more of. The confidence from Red beryl helps Taurus with their ability to attract positivity, abundance and new wealth. The gem allows Taurus to believe and trust in themselves, being closed off because they feel like they need to be.

They need to trust themselves and new people, which is something the gem helps Taurus do. They keep what they need to and throw out what they don’t. Taurus seems to suffer when it comes to trusting decisions they make and often don’t trust themselves.

Red beryl works with Taurus to help them move on and think more highly of themselves. The gem allows them, to be more open to people when honestly and normally, Taurus shelters themselves from people.

Red beryl provides lessons that help Taurus with insecurities. Red beryl can help bring Taurus a new sense of freedom, healing, happiness and hope. It is enriching, powerful and offers a healing that is no doubt stunning.

The gemstone fills the empty void in the Taurus life, the one that brings about destruction if not taken care of. Red Beryl represents the anchor that keeps Taurus grounded.

Crystal Quartz ♢

Taurus has so many ups and downs. It forces them to go on the ride of life and not argue about the motion sickness it causes. Not only that, but Taurus doesn’t know how to talk about it. They pretend their life is drama-free, happy-go-lucky, and that’s it. On the other hand, crystal quartz reveals the power of mindfulness, clarity and harmony in their lives.

The crystal quartz is a calming crystal that allows your mind to be clear and are therefore a must for someone who is feeling bewildered and unsure about where their life is going. It allows them to get rid of excess mental baggage that they have been waiting to deal with and allows their life to fall into place.

Crystal Quartz brings positive stone energy to their life, their relationships and their personal health. Taurus has so many relationship issues and would benefit from this stone.

Since the stone is a stabilizing crystal; it will make them feel balanced and stable. It is also one of the most powerful healing stones that you will find. It clarifies issues and will reveal all the negative and positive aspects of their relationship. This powerful stone can make all of your chakras stronger and more powerful.

Treasure Quartz 🪙

Treasure quartz is the highest quality and most rare grade of the crystal quartz strains. This stone’s name might surprise you, because instead of going to jewelry or trendy retailers, you can usually only find them in museums.

Treasure quartz is often found encased inside the Earth or in difficult spaces to get to. It requires a lot of work, patience and examining treasure quartz in order to obtain it’s benefits.

It’s a metaphor for excitement, seeking, discovering and separating yourself from the pack. Taurus is bored, and their rebellious and professional energies push them out from their normality. While they might not feel like they are awake, they are- they simply have to remind themselves of that.

Treasure quartz is an optimistic stone that aims to bring hope, and ease the mind, body and spirit. While taurus might not be feeling a lot of these things right now, they will prevail.

Calcite 💠

The final stone for Taurus is Calcite- it is powerful for those on the road to healing and recovery. Calcites will help with anxiety, fear and even depression. Calcites are an interesting stone- the top and bottom are symmetrical but the sides are uneven and interesting.

There are qualities found on opposite sides of the stone as if they’re trying to help you find balance. They work on most parts of your being ensuring that you aren’t out of balance. They encourage you to be humble, honest and help you find purpose to your life.

Calcites align with the solar plexus and the Brow Chakra. Calcites are a wonderful stone for Taurus- they familiarize and encourage their Taurus to come out of the dark. They help bring light during dark moments and bring confidence to others around as these energies exude themselves. Taurus will excel with calcites.

Green Calcite 💚

Green calcite is a stone that aids in communications and energies. It helps with expressing yourself and being present in the moment. It helps you make decisions, especially the hard ones.

The green calcite gemstone lends you the ground to stand on and support to move forward when you’re confused or conflicted. The gemstone prevents negative emotions and energies from entering into your world, bringing in only positive influences that assist you with communicating, with journaling, and with thinking. The positive gem boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

From the green coloration, it adds a nature-loving sense to the calcite’s base qualities. The calm and resolute qualities of the green makes people more open to exploring and widening their horizons, i.e. traveling.

This can make you more attached to worldly places. The green is a grounding natural energy for people who believe we’re in a time loop and have recurring life patterns.

These patterns grant these people a sense of security, comfort, and effectiveness. With repeated practice comes mastery, and that’s what emerald is supposed to do; make you more powerful.