Scorpio Gemstones – Crystals, Minerals, and More!


Scorpio is a zodiac sign with temper and a sting. It is a sign ruled by Mars that represents passion, delicacy and finesse.

They enjoy recreating themselves and Scorpios approach everything and everyone with a non-assumption for limitations.

The sign learns to gain and strengthen these powers every day. The sign lives by an optimistic, fierce, powerful and distinct power that no one can mimic.

The sign has it’s own mind and moves at a pace that’s unlike any other sign. The sign, therefore, deserves gemstones to match the intensity of their personality, the only gemstones that can keep up with their passions, and the only gemstones who can work with the temperature of their emotions.

However, this high confidence and motivation are the keys which make Scorpios the most unlucky zodiac signs.

Only the world’s strongest and feistiest gemstone will work for Scorpio.

Garnet 🔴

Garnet is the first gem that works well with the Scorpio. This gem works well with the Scorpio because it is the gemstone known for its virtues and inner peace.

Garnet allows the Scorpio to take control and transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

The gemstone ‘s properties allow it to calm the worn-out emotions, recovering them and mending them, healing and balancing the whole source.

Garnet functions on Scorpio’s intuition and mysterious powers, working with the hardness of the earth to get rid of negativity, weaknesses and tiredness, to recover and replenish, to find love and see others.

Garnets have a strong chemical composition with a mix of Aluminum, Silicon, and Oxygen colors. They penetrate Scorpio’s energy. Garnet’s usually symbolize poweful regenerative energy, helping you to recover and rebuild.

There are a lot of past life trauma that tends to weigh hard on Scorpios. Thus, if anything, life is a cycle of aftermath, building, and maintaining.

Garnet can help you do so by improving one’s understanding of nature. It can help a Scorpio work with their most primal nature and to practice amplifying it to connect with people more. Scorpios are powerful but are good learners and listeners.

Working from a garnet stone around you can help you will connecting to your higher powers and balancing them out with others.

While garnets help heals Scorpios, it also helps with self-empowerment. While you are processing through internal hurt, you can still be abundant with other things.

Overall, garnets help you regenerate the power you have right back to the past, the present and the future.

Scorpios are passionate, and Garnets are for falling in love with the life that they create with each love they give.

Red Garnet 🟥

Of all the garnet gemstone color options, we recommend red garnet specifically for Scorpio.

Red garnet carries the color red, the color ruled by Mars, the planet that is Scorpio’s ruler but also, the color of passion and love that Scorpio has a strong connection with.

The colors of red, (as well as shades of orange and yellow) are often closely associated with anger, resentment, passion and a heat, physically and emotionally.

Red Garnet is the gemstone that lines up closely with the colors of Scorpio’s soul. Nature demands that Scorpios pay attention to the colors and understand them clearly.

In the colors, we learn that they hold calm, they hold attention and they hold the ability to elevate the Scorpio life. The colors are designed to bring happiness, fortune and achieve fulfillment in the life, offering experiences that bring happiness and love.

The colors reveal to Scorpios a world that is flexible, passionate, naturally focused, loving and loud. Accepting the colors, using their feel and sentiment, Scorpio can use the colors for their own good, learning to protect themselves and others through kindness and love.

The colors are protective and warm, and over time, the colors protect others from the sting and bite of Scorpio.

Red garnet also has heated, intense and fiery qualities to it, which all describe the Scorpio personality type.

The high temperature qualities to red garnet also represent Scorpio’s fertility, good luck and femininity. The gemstone helps Scorpio try and push their luck, for better of for worse.

Onyx 🖤

Onyx is one of the original gemstones of ancient times. Black onyx is a deep, dark, mysterious stone and it is a mystery to very few who seek it.

It was one of the first gemstones of protection, so we know that it had a powerful property. In addition to protection, onyx also helps to energize Scorpios.

It is a dark, deep, mysterious stone that yet contains a powerful healing, protective and peaceful power. It recognizes that you exist and has the power to do whatever it wills.

Scorpios need protection due to their tendency to attract fights, enemies, and thieves of different kinds.

Onyx gemstones’ power offers Scorpio a protective barrier from both their enemies and their bottomless well of soul-sucking emotion.

It’s protective ability means that Scorpios can slowly climb the career ladder, slowly overcome rejections and stop obsessing over their talents being outside the norm.

Onyx protects Scorpios from having many friends, and instead focus on one or two worthy ones. They must focus on work.

This gemstone also protects Scorpio from prolonged pain, which is absolutely necessary because that is all that Scorpios know – prolonged pain. The gem will draw out their strength and their lights, protecting them and their loved ones.

Dark onyx allows you to take up space in any room and show anyone who exists that you are always the center of attention. It shines, it shows others you are proud of your choices and it encourages self-confidence and self-respect.

Its powerful powers allow it to quickly and easily remove negativity, working against degeneration and insanity, while earning your respect.

Black onyx is a perfect gemstone for the Scorpio that wants to take control and transform negative emotions into positive ones.

Lodestone 🧲

One excellent gemstone for Scorpios is the lodestone. Many know that lodestones were used quite often as a compass for early voyagers, so it’s very relevant to how Scorpio’s are so similar in the way they might attack situations and do so stubbornly.

Since lodestones are known for attracting and repelling metals, Scorpio likes this incentive of attracting important and influential people in life.

Since the Scorpio’s are ambitious and ‘deadly’, many choose to keep the from their company, which the Scorpio likes.

This is because ideas and goal of the Scorpio are similar to a magnetic field that only attracts positive and energy-efficient people who can help the Scorpio achieve all they seek in life (after having not too many people being attracted to their isolating aura).

Lodestones makes up for this because once you are attracted to the Scorpio, there is no middleman keeping you from helping out the Scorpio. This combines the magnetism of the Scorpio and the loneliness of the Scorpion’s stone.

If the word enterprising means anything to you, the lodestone is on your to-buy list. At the mental plane level, you have a plan.

Every single date of the year you sit down to organize your life. When you have to cut a flight, you organize your monies at the fourth quarter.

A little something you realize during the fifth quarter, of course. The problem is when you need to organize – you can’t dose for life. You don’t see the stars and their alignment, you see life’s deadlines — arriving faster and faster each second.

Many of the Scorpios problems can be solved with lodestones.

Lodestones attract tourists, yes, and money. But it has a reputation for creating your most wildly impossible dreams to keep you tied to your keys and your car.

Scorpios hate financial crisis and being tied to land or property.

Just like you, planning every field trip that allows you to leave your kids alone is a waste of energy and time. With lodestones, your child’s belt and your child’s care packages.

That’s all you need to ask for a trip to the jungle, by the water or to Paris. It’s got to be perfect for the Scorpian.

It’s imperative that you make magic the part of life where the children start asking ‘why?’ and the relationships of your life become reality checks.

The world is going to tell you to compromise.