Sagittarius Gemstones – Crystals, Minerals, and More!


Looking for the perfect gemstones for your Sagittarius astrological sign? Check out our guide to the best crystals, minerals, and more, for Sagittarius!


Howlite is our number #1 recommendation for Sagittarius.

Not many people are very familiar with howlite. It is a magical and wonderful white stone, that offers so many benefits and properties, especially to Sagittarius, a white figure of purity, enthusiasm and joyous connectivity.

Emotion urges Sagittarius to connect with his roots and maintain a more selfless energy, rather than selfish. Howlite possesses such energy, making it the perfect and recommended stone for Sagittarius this month.

Howlite works with Sagittarius to clear their vibration channel of any negativity within their aura, regaining their natural and pure white vibes that make all who cross the presence of the Sagittarius feel joyous.

Howlite assists the Sagittarius in conveying higher emotions and raising their thoughts from the material to spiritual. It also helps with positive thinking, creativity and spoken wisdom.

Howlite urges Sagittarius to be a little less fiery and a little more logical in their desires and ambitions. Here is how howlite aids in doing so – it has two basic functions.

The first and most desired is a healing function and energy – it helps calm the mind and maintain a focused, clear and relaxing energy that flows and emits throughout the body, with a singular goal in mind, which is a desire to absorb and create the highest energies while soaking up the negative energies.

For Sagittarius, howlite is one of the most highly recommended gemstones because of its amazing metaphysical properties and spiritual energy.

It has the ability to rid the body of anger, jealousy, negativity and rudeness. It is most helpful when paired with a lighter colored energies – after all, we do not want to attract more negative energies, vibes and aura around our body.

Howlite is a great gift for Sagittarius to give to a family member, friend or lover. For Sagittarius, that is determined and disciplined and loves the fire, the heart and the passion for what they cherish most, howlite works with all three matters that are most important to Sagittarius

– fire and heat, the heart and life, discipline and determination.


Another gemstone known to benefit Sagittarians is the mighty labradorite. First, labradorite helps the Sagittarians conquer their constant anxiety, worry, hypersensitivity and can manic behavior as well.

Sagittarians are wide-eyed and eager, but also need to overcome the feelings of uneasiness in the foreign. Labradorite calms the native, and the Sagitarians when in need of reinforcement.

The calmness helps relieve the native from worry and impulsive behavior, leading them on their greater journey (where there are many obstacles, but also great adventures and friends to help them).

Secondly, the gemstone labradorite helps Sagittarians think more rationally, but also heightens their perceptions and pursuits as they go through life; however, natives can be distracted by such dreamy observances that they zone out and forget their dreams in the first place.

Labradorite will help the Sagittarians hold fast to the ideals they have created throughout the years. Labradorite is neutral, but considered to house room for opportunistic achievement auras, which will help the Sagittarians take initiatives and make future law without a conflict of interest.

Labradorite reinforces their qualities like honesty, communication and mental agility.

If they believe they can achieve their dream, labradorite will give them the clarity to do so.


The ruling Astrological Stone for Sagittarius is Turquoise. This earthly stone is associated with the strength, power and communications of Sagittarius.

The nurturing of the stone represents the unique way of communicating understanding, empathy. Turquoise’s healing properties include the ability to promote prosperity, happiness, security and safety.

This starstone is believed to promote the feeling of relaxation and inner peace, and aid those who are seeking change and transformation to achieve those matters through patience and thoughtfulness.

Sagittarius are known for their passionate and vibrant personalities: their love for people and for their zest for life.

They also overall possess a gentle nature, but love to be conveyed! They like to explore new ideas and complex situations. They are strong-willed, full of life and love, dedicated, bold and warm.

They strive for physical and emotional security. They have a dynamic drive and prefer to take calculated risks over taking a leap of faith.

The primeval meanings of turquoise are protection and royalty: protection because the colors turquoise veins in the gems were thought to protect against the spontaneous storms that were found in the desert and royalty because it was worn by the pharaohs in their -plated facades.

Sagittarians can also be chivalrous, amiable and cast in their own judgment and believe: trusted, with an idealistic touch about them all of which makes them incredibly intuitive.

Sagittarius’s extraordinary intellect and powerful desires: their commitment and persistence give them tremendous incentive and inner motivation to follow through on all their greatest desires.

The best way to touch the inner consciousness of a Sagittarius is to express your personal desires, dreams, ambitions and explain how you got to where you are today.

The turquoise crystals guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself through dreams, intuition and other unexplained or unexplained emotional experiences. If you seek emotional awareness and truth, turquoise is the stone for you.

Turquoise is living and will heal the excitements of Sagittarius. Turquoise takes Sagittarius through the night hours, brightening their face and soothing all the stress out in their lives.

Turquoise is a stabilizing force that helps to calm the mind and body, bringing fortitude and attention to their work, love and goals.

Turquoise is a symbol of patience, persistence, steadiness and longevity and success.

Turquoise teaches you to trust yourself and your judgment, strengthen a sort of self-safety shield to pass through the world, live in harmony with the ocean and see the world as your powerful ally.