Pisces Gemstones – Crystals, Minerals, and More!


Looking for the perfect gemstones for your Pisces astrological sign? Check out our guide to the best crystals, minerals, and more, for Pisces!


Ruby is also an empowering gemstone for Pisces. Ruby encompasses an undying love and connection that is shared amongst groups of many.

It brings mystical and healing energy. Ruby is a powerful gem that represents passion, action and courage, as well as peace and relaxation, meaning it can bring all kinds of conflict to an end.

Ruby is one of the most powerful gemstones that can be worn. Ruby has been rumoured to ward against snakebite, nightmares and poor health.

Unexpectedly, ruby has healing powers that are very enjoyable, effective and highly recommened for the Pisces to keep on them.

Ruby is one of those stones that you need to know all the facts about, understand where it comes from, and appreciate all its benefits.

Ruby, being fiery, feminine, exquisite and all round awesome, packs on a passion and love for all things great and bountiful.

So picturesque and marvellous, ruby is a great stone that offers endless opportunities, endless chances, endless possibilities, and yes even love.

Enjoy the opportunity to create a ‘new you’. Whilst ruby exhibits a red or blood colour, it riahtonates within our bodies.

This is useful for any Pisces, who is rich with the life force and highly interested in the cycles of the earth and its connection to us, the human engine and the body.

While the ruby makes navigation in the world more complicated, it also makes navigation and access to the world more friendly, reliable and close at hand.

Often associated with love, ruby is especially beneficial to any Pisces, but works to particular advantage in love, where it is much called upon. Alchemy, Medicine, and Magic.

Get out there Pisces, claiming your ruby and connect to the unmistakable world of the ruby, the world of love, the world of love and enthusiasm.

Rubies are commonly known as crystals of love, not just romance or any other kind of love. They are also gemstones of fertility, birthing energy and energy.

They are like sparkly raindrops for your fingers, falling into the void. They are falling on you, in your soul and nourish your whole soul.

Star rubies (the highest quality) have a profound effect on the heart chakra, bringing love into your life, increasing feelings of peace and understating, by opening your heart to the love that is within and without.

The star ruby shapes the crystal like a delicate bloom and reminds us that love is the center of life, a daily source of beauty, joy and friendship.

The star ruby can open a person’s eyes to this love, by improving willpower, confidence and self-control, excellent qualities for a Pisces.


Because you are the zodiac’s fish, Aquamarine is the stone that must have at all times. Aquamarine is the most dominant stone for Pisces.

Pisceans are beautiful and compatible people who have a strong interest in helping and protecting others.

People you meet tend to have a tendency to act selfish and selfishly, bullheaded and narrow-minded. Aquamarine helps you to be more empathetic, attracts patience and compassion.

It helps you clear the mind and connect with the emotions, to understand and empathize with the emotions and to help you without judgment.

Aquamarine helps the Pisces see the rainbow through the clouds and challenges their desire to fix everything and everyone.

Remember this word: patience.

Patience is an incredibly beneficial skill to have, especially when it comes to healing and exercising, especially when it comes to lifting weights.

Patience will help you persevere in the times of strong emotions that clutter your mind, your body.

Rather than seek out problems and causes, Aquamarine offers us a chance to work on solutions.

By viewing our actions through a different perspective, Aquamarine allows us to look through the eyes of the world.

Aquamarine offers compassion and kindness, a soft and reflective attitude towards others and the world.

Although we may disagree or not see eye-to-eye, Aquamarine opens our hearts to the heart of others, so that we can understand how others feel, how others think and how others act.

This stone has a calming and soothing energy, free of negative influences. When Aquamarine is worn by those who seek repayment or retribution, it will not respond.

Though it is a stone that allows you to open your heart to others, it is not one that will return the favors and pain unnecessarily.

Aquamarine has a peaceful and calming energy: it shows us that the balance of kindness and goodness must be in direct communication and alignment with the soul.

Aquamarine is a perfect stone for Pisces during these times, as it offers a soothing mantra towards human-kind and the world at large.

It reminds us that our actions are connected to the actions of others and should remain aligned in peace.


Carnelian is a demantoid gemstone that usually comes in reddish orange, or brown-burgundy. The ancient fairies characterize this burst of energy and glory as the stone of motivation.

It inspired us to work and overcome, to connect and to align our actions of perseverence, fortitude and mental knowledge.

The carnelian gives Pisces a chance of intiaitive, self-identity, and a chance to self-discovery. It inspires a more sociable and more intelligent, vivid and innovative understanding.

Carnelian is a stone that stokes Pisces, who have feelings of powerlessness and insecurity, to be more outgoing and more expressive, exuding a fresh and inspiring attitude.


Amethyst is the most common and notable gemstone for Pisces during all phases of the moon cycle. It truly is both a favorite and a must have for Pisces.

Amethyst possesses energies of self-control, and abilities to enrich the mind, improve concentration and dramatically enhance and calm right speech.

Amethyst works to develop psychic ability and intuition by calming and controlling the mind and works in complete sync with Pisces’ Cosmic Laws and cosmic awareness.

Amethyst specially works on removing the impatience and indecision that are so common with Pisces. It helps them gain inner-strength.

It works to benefit their Pisces in so many ways and ways, by removing the paranoia and fear, the confusion and the stress, so that Pisces can be who they are supposed to be: happy, confident and kind.

If you sleep with amethyst under your pillow or beside you, you will have the sweetest, most satisfying and restful sleep.

Amethyst brings visions, dreams and ideas for the future, and offers a peaceful, sweet, serene and calming energy that truly ensures that Pisces have everything they need.