March Aries vs April Aries


Are you an Aries? Are you wondering if your personality type changes depending on when your birthday falls? Here’s a look at March Aries vs April Aries to see how the two types differ.

Aries Summary

Date Range: March 20 – April 18
Element: Fire
Symbol: The Ram
Ruling Planet: Mars
Body Part: Head
Color: Red
Gemstone: Bloodstone
Quirks: Passionate, Impulsive, Impatient, Forceful, Independent

Courage is their middle name try to breathe life in others,they believe in grabbing every opportunity they get, they have good leadership quality, but they don’t let others feel sufficed.

They take care of their responsibilities. They are adventurous, they have a lot of energy, and they love people’s appreciation.

All Aries are generally sociable and kind to others, and sometimes they can be impatient and occasionally immature.

But this is where things start to get tricky.

Not All Aries are the Same

There are big differences between Aries born in March versus Aries born in April. One of the major causes of different personality traits and behaviors between March and April Aries, is the position of their natal Neptune.

Aries born in March have their natal Neptune have a position in the early Pisces, while those born in April have their Neptune in the early part of Taurus. Because of this, March Aries are noticeably different versus April Aries.

March Aries Traits

Aries born in March have the following traits: they are curious and love self determination, they love to control their own destiny. Even though they are assertive, they are also polite, have good friends and have healthy and cooperative bonds with their family and loved ones.

March Aries keep their lives in order as well as their careers. March Aries are often suited for upper management positions and entrepreneurship because of these traits.

  • May be dramatic or even dominate the conversation.
  • Sometimes victorious, sometimes a victim.
  • Tries to do too many things at once, but may still accomplish quite a bit.
  • Able to be assertive in different situations (at work or in personal relationships).
  • Adventurous, can start things and others may follow.

April Aries Traits

Aries born in April have the following traits: Faithful and ideal, true to self, frank about their feelings and able to communicate well with others, even in stressful and awkward situations.

What really sets the April Aries apart from the March Aries is April’s ability to fall in love. April Aries fall in love very easily, and dedicating the totality of their lives, soul and heart to their partner and family, are they’re fundamental characteristics.

Aries born in April don’t fear the unknown; they know how to enjoy and benefit from change, and they always live life to the fullest.

  • Outwardly strong-willed, independent, energetic, spontaneous and daring, but may be vulnerable at heart.
  • Has an idealistic (if not “pie-in-the-sky”) view of things, and may feel over-confident of one’s expertise or perceptions.
  • Affordable and socially capable, but competitive and/or restless (possibly in the bedroom, too).
  • Impetuous and physical, with quite a degree of charm and appeal.

Easy Ways to Tell March and April Aries Apart

March aries are bossy and ready to fight.
April aries are flirts and use their beauty lots.

March aries are cute.
April aries are hot.

Everyone likes March aries because they know how to chill.
Everyone wants April aries because they are irresistible.