Libra Gemstones – Crystals, Minerals, and More!


Looking for the perfect gemstones for your Libra astrological sign? Check out our guide to the best crystals, minerals, and more, for Libra!

Amethyst 🍇

Amethysts are the most persistent of all gemstones in providing comfort and calming clarity. They clean up negative energy, brings inspiration and positive energy to those who carry them.

Although Librans usually pack themselves in lots/really big groups of friends, amethysts also provide solitude from crazy schedules. If you are in a step of life of transitioning or recently have been through a journey of transformation, amethysts can help you realize lessons and re-purpose your energies.

Exchangeable for a monarch crown inherited from the leonine species, amethyst can signify royalty in its unique formations, but it also brings out the inner-royalty of these spiritual Libras.

Those born with strong air elements are likely to love the energies from Amethyst. Not only does amethyst allow for more focus when it comes to meditation (given that some Libras sometimes become distracted), but being connected to the crown chakra signifies a strong layer of etheric protection and spiritual balance.

When this stone is purpled and polished, Libras can carry it as a reminder to be a leader, but not a usurper (careful libras, you’re notorious for change and fickle passion), like that of their very famous counterpart, Machiavelli.

Another benefit is that amethysts are extremely common and affordable. Its powers are just so pure and strong. The gemstone encourages protective energies that bring a mental balance, clarity, energy and healing abilities.

The gemstone provides intelligence and wisdom, blocks negativity and promotes understanding with self and others. It encourages your inner light to shine through without fear of judgment and negativity. Through the gemstone, you cover your eyes and go on a journey of self-discovery.

The common amethyst will bring you peace, a mental balance and then, a balance that comes through a connection with nature. Through the gemstone, you are able to understand your emotions, they are not hidden and they can be felt as they need to be.

The amethyst stone is additional connection to divine presence. Take the time to journey into yourself and understand your own thoughts, feelings and motives. It provides clarity and it brings about a calm nature and peace within your life.

Fire Opal ❤️‍🔥

Fire opal is versatile and extremely impactful for Libra. On one hand, it is a balancing stone, encouraging peace between the mind, body and soul. It encourages you to think with the head and not with the heart.

It brings about a balance and then, it goes one step further. That balance is brought to the other in your life and with this, you can start protecting one another and also, building a bond together. Fire opals come packed with energies that enhance luck, success and as well as, wealth.

However, just that luck and success influence how you act and feel. In an indirect way, they can guide you to be cautious, dedicated, determined and brave. However, these are only a few of the characteristics.

They are associated to sentiments and they can guide you in your actions. The gemstone is also associated to kundalini rising, a divine energy highly sought after by Hindu spiritualists.

When kundalini rises through your chakra’s, the energies are heightened and strengthened, allowing you to experience your true potential. So, you are able to access your past lives for some answers, see your blockages, what is causing this and then, you may understand something from a past life that you have been struggling to understand.

Fire Opal’s dark orange coloring represents wisdom. It clarifies the mind, providing the intensity and willingness to get life done. It balances and brings harmony to its bearers. Fire Opal is a great stone for Libras.

It offers to them the property of its dark green coloring allowing for the clearing of their minds. It clarifies their mind and balances them out. It helps them focus and accomplish goals, which can be challenging for Libras to do sometimes.

They can be way too concerned with others’ needs and interests that they aren’t able to balance that with their self-interests.

With good intentions (on behalf of Libras) they can get carried away with everything they need to do but don’t always get these tasks done sincerely and with the care they would normally use while it’s being carried out.

They aim to please others often but with the fire opal, they will be afforded the balance they need to conquer and delicately enjoy everything they need to get done.

Tourmalines 🌈

Tourmaline brings balance and focus with its energetic, vibrational and powerful nature. The stone is electric, alive, active and innate. It carries in its colors a project for the future, to stabilize, align with your inner self, find your peace and discover who you truly are.

The gemstone is found in many colors, but more specifically, it expresses powers based on its hues.

For yellow and the power of gold, gold colour is abundance and overflowing, yellow shines brightly. It expresses itself through light, joy and happiness.

Green is the color that turquoise is made of and is the color of nature. The two together speak of serenity, self-control and a light-hearted perspective. The importance of these two colors’ energies is communication, friendship and conversation.

The stone is one that is physically comforting and it is one that helps sooth, calm down and release anxiety. It is a stone that is important because of its colours. Colours that relate specifically to the energies of a Libra. We specifically recommend pink.

Pink Tourmaline 💕

Pink tourmaline contains powerful energy, providing comfort when it’s needed. It represents passion, love and refinement. It encourages overall happiness, making you more able to overcome challenges. It allows you to fall in love with both the little and big things in life.

Pink tourmaline presents many benefits to the Libra zodiac sign because of how they take pride in their love. Libras frequently struggle with self-love and this gem helps them feel better about themselves and empowers them to believe in the love they can give to others.

The pink coloring represents a comfort and affection. The gem gives higher understanding. The gem reminds Libras that sometimes no matter how hard we may try, it’s just sometimes not going to go their way.

It tells Libras that that’s ok and not to let their selves fall apart. It offers peace, comfort and supreme feelings of happiness. Libras get to experience a detailed and beautiful sense of life when equipped with pink tourmaline because of its deep brightened purple, pink and peach coloring.

It would be a perfect stone for Libras because it offers to them something that they are in need of at this moment of their life. It’s the best stone to assess the issues at hand. The stone helps with strained emotions and revives the lost joy in your life.

Pink tourmaline is an excellent grounding stone, representing positivity and love. It offers one a variety of fun choices and activates their later years, giving Libra hope and positive newness.