Leo Gemstones – Crystals, Minerals, and More!

Rose Quartz

The Leo zodiac sign is known for its fire. Leo’s passion, energy and fiery temper are often intense. The zodiac is also known for its loyalty, leadership skills, and pride.

Leo’s ideal gemstone is one defends them, protects them, and represents the fire underneath their cool exterior.

Amber 🟠

Amber is a unique gem used to aid the Leo zodiac sign is amber. Amber is used for these zodiac signs for it’s unique properties. Amber is unique because unlike other gemstones, amber is actually a fossilized sap of a tree, its something different and special.

Amber is a representation of the Leo zodiac sign. Although Leo expresses dominance and power, they still have an aura of class and respect. The amber gemstone brings out that reverence and focus, creating a time and space to pick up those pieces and use them to your advantage.

It’s the building of that workspace that makes the energies between Leo and amber perfect like a well oiled machine. You see, amber has properties that fix your stubborn nature, bossiness and your tactlessness. It encourages you to realize that your bossy but provides you the tools to handle that.

This gem is a home stone. It makes your home a place for you to express your personality, and for that personality to thrive gracefully. The amber brings out a steadfast and diligent energy, expressing confidence bold and direction. Creating not only a workspace where you can deal with things but thrive.

How Amber excels at making these qualities come out easier shows us that you need focus, determination, strength and some endurance.

Rhodochrosite 🌸

Rhodochrosite is a beautiful gemstone used with the Leo zodiac sign. The vibrant red of the leo is amplified in the rhodochrosite. A red and rose color that shows Leo the versatility needed in life.

The vibrance of rhodochrosite enables Leo to discover who they are. It gives you the ability to change, adapt and discover dynamically. Rhodochrosite provides your life with playfulness and harmony. For that reason, the gemstone is a great aid in bringing about relaxation, acceptance and laughter.

By shining a light on all the many direction that you can take, it encourages you to play a game. It encourages you to do so confidently and with a few good laughs, but decisively. The gemstone helps strengthen your ego, sense of worth and your dignity.

Rhodochrosite helps you be able to express real life problems and conflict. The gemstone can help you be ready to face new life challenges even after you’ve faced something difficult.

Instead of feeling emotionally vulnerable, exhausted and closed off, the gemstone helps you feel confident and open. The gemstone helps you pick up your broken pieces and be prepared for something new. It makes you want it, even if it’s hard.

Onyx ♟️

Leo’s ancient birthstone is Onyx. While onyx stone resonates with everyone in a similar way, it also resonates closely with Leo. The stone color (most commonly black) is compatible with the personality of the lion, an interest leader who is multitalented and creative.

Onyx is a stone that helps you forgive yourself and is closely tied to the ancient medicine. Much like other previous ancient medicinal practices, many people distrust its origins and capabilities, however they fail to see that the stone heals from within. Its colors resonate with different emotions, allowing it to heal you from the inside out.

Onyx is another stone with strong protective, empathic and powerful properties. It helps absorb and release blockages that get in the way. Sometimes people or forces work to deflect Leo. When this happens, the onyx gemstone acts like a guide, it helps them release blockages, heal from hurts, and help them practice white light properties.

Putting the gemstone towards outside forces changes the energy it puts out, showing the world how strong, passionate and capable Leo is. The onyx gemstone helps Leo practice high vibrations, show the world that energy, and help Leo recover from any spells or negative powers cast their way.

Onyx is the stone for those who go big and can’t imagine shrinking. The stone encourages self-awareness, choice, and determination, assuring that Leo continues to grow without realizing life— and nothing will ever change that. The color of stone is a phenomenon.

Like their powerful Leo, the Onyx energy shines through each color in the stone and shows a Leo’s spirit. The stone also represents dedication, survival, and strength, reminding you that no matter what happened, will happen and might happen, you will be indestructible and strong like a strong tree.

Onyx’s lessons nourish and fulfill Leo’s true needs and amplify the most passionate parts of their personality.

Rose Quartz 🌹

The typical rosy/ruby colored gemstone for Leo is rose quartz. Rose quartz is the gem stone of love and peace. If you have ever been overwhelmed by the rush of a first love, you were born on the Leo-Virgo cusp.

Rose quartz is the perfect representation of romance. It radiates many nourishing emotions: hope, harmony and trust. The fact that rose quartz promotes love, encourages more love energy to be sent to those with Leo in their heart.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Leo is a fire sign, just like Aries and Sagittarius. The number 5 represents change. Rose quartz captures the emotional energy of change and channels positive energy to enhance your vitality and cheer your heart.

This stone promotes positive transformation of your skeletal structure as well. Rose quartz is highly recommended for entrepreneurs, business owners or those pursuing a creative hobby.

Rose quartz allows you to really connect with your inner self and the world (particularly the ocean) around you. It allows you to give yourself self-care and ease anxiety.

Rose quartz has become a representation of personal cycles and self-growth. It helps you clear away emotional wounds and traumas, negative belief systems, and show you the way to true inner healing.

As a heart chakra stone, rose quartz emits loving, peaceful energies to aid in personal healing. It encourages self-love, self-trust and self-worth. While it is known to be associated with romantic love and partnership, it is also the number one crystal to help with ever-enduring familial and platonic love.

All human beings need love, and rose quartz simply supports the love already surrounding you.