Last Minute Halloween Costumes Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Halloween is the Met Gala for us common folk. You can’t deny it; a lot of people lend a lot of time and effort to their costumes as if they were competing in Project Runway. As long as you’re an individual of integrity, intelligence, and energy, everything is fair game for Halloween (that means no racist, homophobic, or sexist costumes allowed in this household). Unfortunately for my Libra self, the possibilities are endless. Fret not, my fellow indecisive peers (Libra or not, I got you). The stars have spoken! These perfectly compatible costumes will let you shine in a sea of other forgettable characters. P.S. most of these recommendations are totally achievable without purchasing a dummies guide to sewing. Make use of what you already have to elevate the look. And don’t forget! Serve them confidence, darling.


As the first zodiac, the ram has a knack for starting projects with the trademarked boldness and ambition that comes naturally to all Aries. Ruled by Mars, you treat everything you do as an opportunity to win. What better way to capture that than by dressing up as a pro wrestler! You chase new experiences and that sweet, sweet high from the adrenaline rush. For Halloween, nothing says you love to bask in the spotlight more than dressing up as THE Hulk Hogan. Rummage through your aunt’s closet for those fire engine red leggings and a feather boa to get the look!


As an Earth sign, Taurus is often touted as the immovable. Reliable and committed, you are the rock everyone needs. You also have a taste for the finer things in life. Admit it, Diamonds are a Girl’s Bestfriend will always hold a special place in your heart. To channel this love for the deluxe, Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls is the perfect fit for you. This fiery fiend knows what she wants and will not give up until she gets it. The essentials for this costume are a poofy red wig from Spirit Halloween (a crown is optional) and a bitchin’ attitude.


Similar to your Air sign brethren, Geminis are intellectual and witty. You love talking; you can talk to a brick wall and entertain yourself just as well. Due to your charisma, everybody flocks to you, like moths drawn to a flame. As a certified it girl, Clover from Totally Spies fits your vibe to a tee. The possibilities are endless for you! Clovers is well known for being a Capital-F fashionista- name one other character with a handbag closet. You can don her iconic red spy uniform or get inspiration from her wicked style throughout the series!


If fierce loyalty had a poster child, it would be Cancer. As a water sign, you are deeply connected to your emotions and environment. You put so much importance on your familial, romantic, or platonic relationships. To embody these characteristics, the classic Harley Quinn may be the perfect fit for you! There’s a reason this character is a Halloween staple; she’s a trained psychiatrist (ahem, good listener ahem) and a general badass with the mallet. There are a variety of iterations for her look that you can take inspiration from!


Leos are natural leaders of the pack. They love being the center of it all and aren’t afraid to be their energetic and cheerful selves through and through. It’s like your factory settings come with a flair for theatrics and drama. Your regal aura should translate just fine with Lucifer from the Sandman series. Gwendoline Christies towering stature and commanding presence totally screams pure Leo energy in this role. With your confidence, you’ll rock those wings and cape just fine.


As an Earth sign, Virgos are reliable and analytical. You’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get the job done in the most practical way. If the devils are in the little details, then Virgos are too! You’re always striving to make everything perfect in every way possible. Now, who does that sound like? Why Fix-it Felix from Wreck-It Ralph! If anything out of place, he can fix it! Sure, he may be a little fussy, but you must admit that he’s a Virgo at heart. All you really need are yellow gloves, a blue button-up and baseball cap, and a can of gold spray paint for your trusty hammer. Go out there and be the hottest plumber in town. Mario ain’t got nothing on you!


Libras are notorious for their indecisiveness. That’s why this list was made in the first place. You embody the saying caught between a rock and a hard place whenever you have to make a decision. However, you are also a social chameleon who has mastered the art of diplomacy. You adore beauty and aesthetics- its the Venus influence manifesting. And honestly, you looove love. So, what’s more romantic than being Cupid for Halloween? A hot red number with a cute bow and arrow will have everyone smitten.



You’re complicated. I’m sorry, you’re complex. You have so many sides- an independent streak that may scare off others and a desire for connection that you heavily keep under wraps. The other signs gotta watch out. You never forget a slight, and you can carry a grudge for a very, very looong time. For the chosen few who have penetrated your inner circle, you are fiercely protective of them. House of the Dragons Rhaenyra Targaryen is a perfect fit for you this Halloween! Bold and free-spirited in her youth, Rhaenyra always had a mysterious air around her. Underneath that, she has a fiery personality that will scorch those who wronged her. Be the Halloween Party’s Delight by recycling a friend’s long-forgotten Daenerys wig and copping a generic medieval gown from Spirit Halloween!


As a Fire sign, you are all the exciting things in life bundled with a dislike for routines and the mundane. Boring is the furthest thing to describe the sitch when you’re around. Aside from the unique archer energy, you are honest to a fault. Honestly, you are the megaphone the other signs need to voice out what’s truly on their minds. Your ideal Halloween costume has to be Chucky. This doll menace has a sharp tongue exclusive for one-liners and a mean streak reserved for his victims. I’m sure you’ll get a kick quoting them while playing bartender in the kitchen.


There’s nobody as goal-oriented as the sea goat. You can get a little obsessed with success, and that’s alright! You run an extra 10 miles when others dropped out of the race 5 miles back. Capricorn is employee of the month, Capricorn is the most likely to succeed in the high school yearbook. Because of your reliability and practicality, you are often tasked with managing people and doing a hell of a job out o fit. And what better way to channel your inner Caps than by dressing up as Sarah Connor from the Terminator series. Initially a college student and waitress, Sarah underwent a transformation to become the definition of a total badass. Linda Hamilton is the toughest it girl in Terminator 2 with her iconic dark round sunglasses, black tank top, and military pants. Trust me, utility belts have never been more chic.


Water bearers march to the beat of their own drum. Pat yourself in the back and call yourself Alice as you keep going down intellectual rabbit holes. The more obscure, the better. The other signs may call it weird, we call it eccentric! Sometimes you get too absorbed with the analytical side of things, making you seem detached and aloof. However, you are the (wo)man when trivia nights come around. You are also quite progressive and just want to make the world a better place. This need to pave your own path may be well suited to Merida from Brave. Imagine showing up as the fiery princess who competed for her own hand. That bow and arrow would look totes adorable on you. Plus, can’t you tell? We celebrate redheads on this list!


Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces straddle both fantasy and reality. You are a dreamer and tend to get lost in flights of fancy. Belonging to the water element, Pisces are more in tune with their inward characteristics. Other signs might describe you as soft, which just means you are the most empathic and compassionate person they know. You are an amorphous blob, constantly adapting and absorbing. You can be a bit too trusting sometimes, but you’re working on it. For Halloween, you must emulate the ethereal Emily from the Corpse Bride. Her kind-hearted and forgiving nature is most certainly one of the highlights of the film. Thrift a wedding gown from Goodwill and transform it to become the Corpse Brides ensemble. Plus, her overall aesthetic is the exact thing you need to make a splash at the party of the year!