Gemini Poems | Original Poetry for ‘Gemini, the Twin’

The Hillside Home

As I climb the hillside home.
I am surrounded by breathless heights
 That soar toward a cloudless sky of blue.
 My mind cannot help, but think of you

In rich abundance, a cluster of vine leaves
Climbs the adjacent rocky hillside reprieves.
 Drinkers fill the wine press below,
 Disarrayed in heat that puffs the air -
The goats claim the meadow,
And the threshing area of the vineyard
That pulses in golden glow of ochre autumn
Colors I could never imagine.
Fair of The Aegean Sea,
 That you not forget our tower.
 And beckon me sweetly to return
 To our many night walks
 To gaze upon the intoxicating sea.

 As I climb the hillside home.

Missing a Twin

Gemini, you and me
I wrote this down for free
So I could finally see and end
I wouldn't call you my friend

We are not that similar
I really don't expect you to be here
For me

You thought I was challenging
That means I was winning
Our twisted little game
Where we both still feel the
Same muted rain

You were devoted to me
Almost too much to see
And I could never be
Honest with you

You wouldn't ask if I was true
Because you wanted to lay the lie
Down before we up and died

And still, I grieve the loss
Cause I still have love for you
Of course I do

To stay so close for so long
But now you're gone
And I can't help but write a song
And I don't know what's wrong
With me that it takes so damn long
For me to write a poem about a twin
Who gave their all, went away and left
Me to myself
I guess I miss my self

Peace out, love,
Maybe I'll see you again
When I get up to way higher than
Where you are right now,
I just can't help but miss my
Twin, out loud

The end

A Sea Goat Creature, I did meet

A sea goat creature, I did meet  
 Strong willed and disciplined sweet. 
 Born in late December under the cold moon  
 The interesting, complex Capricorn. 
 Yet upon the land their head is at  
 Even though they swim in the ocean.
 They are a special animal unique at that. 
 Their realm watery waves are in motion. 
 Putrid stench can be caused by these  
 Horny, hooves on land do hardly move.
 Their black, pitch color set with ease  
 A goat fish myth could do with their groove. 
 They could ask what? where? why? and who? 
 Yet one will never find Capricorn sad.
 Never depressed or gloomy as they'd never do. 
 This goat ascends to mountain and skies  
 Yet comes down to this blue Earth, 
 those are the horns where she lies. 
I will always miss, those soft blue eyes.