Capricorn Gemstones – Crystals, Minerals, and More!

Looking for the perfect gemstones for your Capricorn astrological sign? Check out our guide to the best crystals, minerals, and more, for Capricorn!


Many Capricorns lean more towards an introverted status and prefer to live behind closed doors (this alone can make a Capricorn anxious and nervous, as they are always cautious of what should/is expected of them).

Chrysoprase can bring joy and happiness to a Capricorns life, by helping them focus on what’s important and what’s relevant to their daily life and their current circumstances.

Chrysoprase will help them feel joy and in control, so there’s no need to close yourself off from the outside world.

For Capricorn, there is a constant need to focus on spiritual clear-mindedness. Chrysoprase is a rare stone because it absorbs and complete commands together, leaving only the more relevant soft and calm feelings.

Chrysoprase offers the mental, wisdom and creative exploration abilities that most Capricorns need to effectively and efficiently get through the day.

We like Chrysoprase as a gemstone for Capricorn because it reflects the energy of warmth and fidelity, and will support the energy of Capricorn’s mental, wisdom, and exploration needs.


Citrine is extremely important to Capricorn and Capricorns know this. For centuries, Citrine has been used in Capricorn temples and cities, to help capricorn with distribution and skill development.

Citrine is a stone of benevolence and success, luck and happiness. Some say the more citrine Capricorn amasses and cultivates inside of their home, the more they will like the outcome and energy of Capricorn.

Citrine deposits wealth to the degree that its possessors want, and carries with it an integral force that promotes spiritual and emotional response and connection.

Citrine is especially recommended to Capricorn because it brings out the inspiring qualities of Capricorn.

Citrine has a balanced mixture of energies that work in line with the energies of Capricorn, helping Capricorn’s mind and body to work in harmony and align with the universe.

Citrine is the little brother of amethyst, but with a less powerful energy, and almost a cheesy, more loving attitude.

It has pretty similar, but slightly less magical properties than amethyst. Capricorn and citrine match because citrine can ripen and mature as Capricorn grows and succeeds.

Citrine comes in beautiful colors: a vibrant golden yellow, a delicious and intense lemon yellow, and they also come in burnt orange and rosy tones.

Citrine attracts instant success, good fortune and lots of money. The stone is know as the abundance stone, which works on bringing Capricorn their dreams of undeniable success to life.

Citrine helps you to embrace the power of your dreams, and move ahead with a very determined step and hopeful soul.

Citrine also comes from crystals and from within them: no matter where it comes from, citrine is a beautiful shimmering stone and aids your mind, body and soul in turning into your dreams.

Citrine is also especially helpful for self esteem in Capricorn.

It makes Capricorn amazingly immune to platitudes and puts on the feeling that self-forgiveness and self-peace are truly attainable, but the citrine provides a great deal of pleasure for both wearer and those around them.


Tourmaline, especially black tourmaline, works in October to shield and protect the Capricorn from electromagnetic frequencies, lower vibrational and negative energies, and all the awful, dirty and odious things in the world.

Black tourmaline is the ultimate protector: if you start to get mood swings, if your aura starts to become toxic and accumulated, if you feel like you’re losing your grounding, cold and hot, if you start feeling negative energy, or if you have trouble attracting the right kind of energy, or if you are having a hard time believing in yourself and not loving everything you do, or…pretty much if anything is not right with your life and if you need that extra push, this will do the trick.

This is a vitality to have in your pocket when you need to get out of a rut and spiritual crisis.

Tourmaline works on the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras (the soul and the mind), and every chakra in between. It works as a regenerative and calming stone: it helps transform negative energy, so that you can be surrounded by positive energy and deal with trouble in a positive and calm way.

If a potential disaster occurs, you’ll be that positive, powerful and confident person who can tap into his intuition and put the pieces back together.


Pearl is found in different structures. The most common types are white pearls (created by oysters), and black pearls (cultured by giant clams).

There is also blue pearl (Hyacinth Antarticus) which is rare to find. Pearl is made of micro-crystals of Calcium Carbonate, crystallized onto the Mother-of-Pearl of the oyster.

These precious minerals have an appealing luster and aura while preserving appreciable eco-ethics through traceable lineages.

The inner luster of Pearl matches the inner beauty of Capricorn;

whereas the outer luster clings onto the Capricorn personality of zest, zeal and determination, trick of glamour, and magical mystery.

The mysterious and powerful energies of pearl are links between oneself and the Moon and Mother Earth.

As the Capricorn becomes full of the Moon, Earth, and the larger cosmos, their dreams and success are encompassed into the pearl.


Agate is recommended for Capricorn in October. Agate, among the most potent stones on earth, is a men’s stone.

Agate boosts the attractiveness of men, making them more successful with women; also brings out their virility, longevity and fertility.

Caprices are obsessed with Agate’s ability to incite sharp and acute testosterone production, meaning they used it to increase their ability to raise children, have sexual encounters and have a more fulfilling physical life.

For Capricorn, agate shatters any intellectual barriers and restrictions of the mind, replacing them with a spiritual magnetism.

Famous Capricorn scholars and poets say that agate forces them to book purchase books and create libraries. Agate is recognized for its special role as the badge of married men.

Like its allies Ruby, Pearl and Coral, Agate brings nothing but good luck to those who are young, hearty and strong-minded.

Agate is a stone of health and wholeness for Capricorn, and unites them to their mental, emotional and physical bodies into a perfect creature, with recognition that these parts of their body must work together as one, and cannot be distinguished from each other.