Book Review ‘Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs’

Linda Goodman's Sun Signs

8.3 out of 10

Sun Signs is a classic astrological book written by Linda Goodman that has sold millions of copies over the years.

The first chapter had my attention from the word go. For people who have never had the opportunity to study astrology as well as people expecting a lot from a book, ‘Sun Signs’ was a perfect amalgam of all that I was looking for.

It provides the all-embracing knowledge about aspects, planets and the different houses within the zodiac system.

The book dealt with the specific traits pertaining to each sign and how they affect the person being dealt upon. It also explains each sign’s portrait, and explains all the significators associated with each sign.

It proved as an eye-opener to me, as it described details about qualities and the everyday life issues associated with each sign.

For example, Geminis getting bored easily, Scorpios being completely resilient, etc. The important thing about all this is that the book does not miss a single detail about each person, as it goes deep into each aspect of a person and their character.



Highly captivating style

Accurate interpretations

Packed with years of knowledge


I would describe this book by saying that it is a comprehensive guide into the world of zodiac signs and the characters associated with them. Without a doubt, Linda Goodman is one of the greatest writers on the subject of Astrology that the world has ever seen.

The book contains 12 parts, each dealing exhaustively with a particular zodiac sign.

The book begins with an introduction to the world of zodiac, clarifies the doubts and provides the descriptions about each sun sign in detail. They are listed as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and so on.

This is an astrological classic book written by Linda Goodman and published by Summit Books in 1968. As the name goes, the book comprises of twelve sun signs and how each produces different characteristics of the sign in those who own them.

To the people born under the different sun signs, that is the reason they have certain attributes they posses and the connections they have with their significant relationships, which in this case are the people of the other zodiac signs.

My Connection

I decided to pick up this book and find out what it had to say about myself.

It is fair to mention what I discovered did not come as a surprise but when Linda went into details about my relationship with the other sun signs and their birth dates, I was sucked into what the book contained.

It felt like she was speaking directly to me.

Goodman described how I got connected to those born prior to me, starting from those born in September and later to those born in January.

For example, the writer of the book has attributed my connection with those born in September because we are fall persons.

I thrive in fall. More so because the weather gets cooler, the leaves change colors, apples and pumpkin stuff is around, and also I highly suspect it has something to do with fall fashion, which I love.

Significant personality attributes like these are why a December person will fail to bond with an Aries. December people have easy-going personality attributes whereas the Aries is quite the opposite.

It advised for these two to stay away from each other but this point is debatable due to the fact that the book was written in the 1970’s. We cannot be completely sure of these observations and rules, as the norm of those times is no longer the same as it is today.

Sometimes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

While Goodman’s summary of certain types, such as Capricorns, is aggressive and unflattering, the majority of the zodiac descriptions are nothing but flattering and highly accurate.

There were many moments when I felt like the summation of the various personality traits were supernaturally accurate. Goodman’s writing just comes off as genuine and true since she is able to go into so much detail.


Linda Goodman managed to do what many people considered impossible, she combined sensitivity, empirical research, and humor in a book for the masses. Once you pick it up, you will understand why it is still a best seller 50 years later.

If you want to feel close to the people who share you sun sign or if you want to explore the experience of reading about yourself as seen through an astrologer’s eyes, it would be highly advised that you pick up your sun sign book and read.

It will open your eyes to the type of person you are and how you can dwell with and even understand the other eleven sun signs.

Although some people consider it to be a little dated, we felt that the information was timelessly valuable.

We definitely recommend adding ‘Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs’ to your book shelf. The easiest place to get a copy is through amazon.


We also recommend that you check out Sun Sign’s sequel, called Love Signs. It is another best seller that explains relationship compatibility using astrology.

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