Book Review ‘Linda Goodman’s Love Signs’



Love Signs is the sequel to Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs, the highly original guide into the stars’ influence on human nature. Sun Signs revolutionized the art of astrology, became an international sensation, and made Linda Goodman a household name.

Linda Goodman’s Love Signs, is her eagerly anticipated follow-up. Love Signs reveals a unique approach to unraveling all the fascinating mysteries of love and the human heart.

It is based on one ‘seemingly’ simple premise:

Your loved one is unique: He or she has secret, innermost feelings and dreams you know nothing about.

This amazing book is an extraordinary combination of astrological insights and sensitive guidance to each person’s emotional needs. Ms. Goodman will tell you everything you ever wanted to know, it is as if she has read your partner’s mind.

Linda Goodman’s Love Signs explains the mysteries of romance (and other relationships too) by exploring the influence of astrology: Sun Signs, Moon Signs and Ascendant Signs.

It is not superficial and it goes into the vast complexity of each body’s relationships and the important roles the 11 other planets play in the lives, histories and destinies of everyone of us.

My Opinion

My experience with Linda Goodman’s Love Signs was that her writing is always about helping you to make sense of the questions and enigmas of your heart. She does this through the mythic stories of the constellations, the galaxies and the lessons of Martian Legacy.

As you breathe those stories in and take a first look up and through them, you will discover that how things look in the sky at least, is how things matter at best, on Earth.

When you read your Love Sign, you will be amazed and excited when you find yourself in the writing or look at the graphs.

But little clues and other readings might motivate you to look at your Rising Sign and Moon Sign, which will make every Love Sign persons report even more accurate, personal and effective.

To listen well, you have to forget that you already know your own story.

The story in the book is Linda Goodman’s and as long as you hear it, learn from it, your ability to give and get love will grow. Come in to your reading with an empty mind, and you will leave pleasantly surprised.


Written in a case study format, Linda Goodman enlightens us on which zodiac signs are compatible and which are not.

To begin, Linda Goodman gives us an insight into the psyche of each zodiac sign to better understand their behaviors and motivations.

The rest of the book is filled with several different situations that we have all found ourselves in: hot and cold flings, bad bosses, friends growing apart, and more.

Goodman goes into heavy detail with her expert knowledge and breaks down what is really going on behind the scenes in these relationships. And the she offers practical advice telling you what to do.

One thing Love Signs does, which you won’t find is other books are explanations into the baby, child and teen version of each sign.

She shows you how the baby version is an important experience to have when dating a man or woman of the same sign because they become a tool to help you understand the child and teen version which you are currently experiencing.


What I found most helpful was that Linda doesn’t just focus on the romance of relationships, but also on the dynamics of roommate situations, work environments, and other arrangements.

She helps us understand how the signs can work well together or become a recipe for disaster.

This book is a must-have for anyone who is dating or in a relationship.

Linda Goodman gives you a better understanding of your partner’s personality so that you can better understand the conflict or experiences you are having.

She does not sugar-coat the personality descriptions and does an amazing job of letting you know what you are getting yourself into when dating a certain sign.

Love Signs is a fast read and is a great reference to have when you are feeling stressed or confused about your relationship. It’s guaranteed to shed some light on the situation and bring some balance to your day.