Amethyst for Libra: The Perfect Crystal for Balance and Harmony

Are you a Libra looking for a way to stay balanced and in harmony?

Then amethyst is the perfect crystal for you! Learn all about the properties of amethyst and how it can help Libra’s stay grounded, connected, and in tune with their higher purpose.

Amethyst for Libra

The Libra Zodiac values beauty and harmoniousness.

Therefore we recommend Amethyst to all Libras. Amethyst contains a strong energy and vibrations but at the same time have a very calming effect.

The colour scheme is similar to the Libra- some Libras also have this purple colour in their eyes.

If you are born in the zodiac sign Libra you will enjoy wearing the Amethyst gemstone.

You will experience all the character traits you already possess with the help of amethysts, such as enthusiasm, creativity and sensitivity and you can strengthen these further with the use of Amethysts.

A further thing you should know about the Amethyst is that if you notice its positive energy starting to wane, you can simply put the stone in a bowl of fresh water for 24 hours, in order to recharge it with new strength.

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