A Deeper Look at the Sun Signs: Taurus the Stabilizer

A female shops at a local store and finds it difficult to choose between all the beautiful items. She knows she does not need anymore material things, because her house is packed full.

Buying things makes her feel better emotionally and she finds stability in possessing things. A male professor teaches religion at a local college. He shares his amazing stories with his class, because he had traveled the world and everything he teaches is based on his own experiences. His greatest desire is to stop working, move to Africa and become a missionary. He will probably never make this change, because he afraid. What is he afraid of? Change. This is Taurus.

Individuals with the Sun in Taurus were born sometime between the dates of April 20 through May 21. Taureans are a Fixed sign, which means that they are practical, stubborn and do not like change. They are one of the most notorious Fixed signs, because of their well-known stubbornness. Taureans like to take things slow and make small changes which most people do not see as change at all. Taurus is ruled by the element of Earth. Earth signs are known for their stability, practicality, work ethic and need for structure. At first glance Taurus appears jovial, friendly, and charming but when you get to know them, you realize that they are very driven and extremely strong-willed.

Taureans crave peaceful surroundings and enjoy comfort. Enjoying good food, wine and a romantic dinner with their partner can ease all their worries. They enjoy having beautiful material things around them and they want their home to be comfortable. Feeling secure and comfortable are crucial emotional needs for Taurus. They do not like the unexpected and can become very rigid in their beliefs and opinions if they feel you are trying to force them to do something. Taureans can be coaxed into making changes or doing certain things, but you have to be very careful how you speak to them. They like to make their own decisions and do not like to be rushed. More adventurous and spontaneous individuals may become frustrated with the way Taurus waits. They seem to wait, wait and wait. It is almost like they are never going to make a firm decision. They can not help this behavior, because they are trying to think ahead and prepare for everything that can come their way.

Taureans do not like change. They are notorious for asking advice and seeking your opinion. Problems arise because they are perceived to have not listened to a single thing you suggested. They feel they know more than other people and can be very rigid. When they make their minds up about something, it will take an Act of Congress to change their mind. They are extremely driven, calculated, practical and materialistic. Money is important to them but not because of the power it has but because Taurus associates money with security. The ultimate goal of Taureans is to find security. The future is always on their minds and they will work hard to prepare financially for any roadblocks that might arise.

It is not surprising that the 2nd house in our astrological chart is ruled by Taurus. The energy of Taureans can be seen when looking at the traits of this house. This house is known as the “House of Money and Security”. Finding financial, emotional and personal security is the energy of Tarueans. They are not built to be impulsive and make rash decisions. This could send them screaming and could place them in a mental hospital. The abrupt and unexpected things that occur in life are Taureans greatest fear. They want to be prepared for anything but sometimes this is impossible. Life is change. Things change all the time in our lives. People change, emotions change, the unexpected happens. Taureans worry and fear the unknown. Therefore, they put all their effort into securing a stable and financially secure future.

The other side of Taurus is much more interesting. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is the planet of love, creativity and artistic expression. Many Taureans excel in the performing arts, especially music. If you watch the show American Idol, many performers on that show are Taurus. I noticed this when they had a special week of getting to know the idols. Many Taureans have a beautiful singing voice. Some enjoy sculpting, painting and drawing. Working with clay or materials from the earth is also very soothing for Taureans. They are very sensual and enjoy the feelings of touching with their hands. Whether it is creating a pottery bowl or massaging their girlfriend, they love to touch.

Taureans are one of the most affectionate signs in the zodiac. I will never forget my good friend from college who was a Taurus. He was the first Taurus friend that I ever had. I would be sitting in my dorm room studying and all of a sudden the door would fly open. In he rushed, running over to me. He would grab me and give me a big hug. We would hug for a few seconds and then he would turn around and walk right back out. I laugh now when I think about it, because it was a behavior that he did with everyone. When I would see him in the cafeteria, he would be hugging someone. Everywhere he went, the urge to touch and be close was overwhelming for him. Some people might have felt uncomfortable by his behavior, but it was never sexual. He truly was showing his affection and a deep Taurean need for physical touch.

This same friend of mine embodies all the true Taurus personality traits. A sense of values, morality and an interest in traditional religion are common with Taureans. They also are interested in foreign cultures, traveling and higher education. Many succeed in careers associated with the ministry. My friend went on to become a nurse in the military and at the same time pursued his pilot license and his theology degree. He is now a missionary, preacher and writer. Succeeding at many different tasks is a common Taurean behavior. They are hardworking, driven and extremely resourceful. When they put their minds to something, they will not stop until they achieve it. No one and nothing can sway them from their goals. Most of them usually have hundreds of goals and believe me, they usually achieve them.

The most important thing for Taureans to learn is to let go. They tend to cling tightly to people, situations, and possessions. Collecting things and accumulation come easy to them. Sometimes accumulating can tie them down and cause them to feel stagnation. In times like this, it is crucial for Taureans to release the old patterns of energy to make way for the new. They will feel much lighter and happier when they let things go. It is extremely hard for them to do this because they attach themselves so easily. Taureans greatest growth comes from embracing the unexpected and allowing change into their lives. Sometimes when we cling to things to long, the universe forces them to be stripped away. This process can be intense and painful for Tarueans, unless they slowly make these changes themselves.

Taurus key word is “I HAVE”. Other personality traits of Taurus include being practical, rigid, stubborn, reliable, affectionate, artistic, peaceful and determined. If you are a Taurus Sun Sign, you will express your identity in whichever house the Sun falls. Your Taurean energy might be expressed at home if the Sun is in the 4th house; or; you may find that practical behavior being expressed in your marriage if your Sun is in the 7th house. If you feel you do not have these traits, and you are a Taurus, research which house the Sun is in, and I believe you will come to realize your true nature.