A Deeper Look at the Sun Signs: Scorpio the Secretive One

A female finds out that her lover is cheating on her. She knows that the other woman is her best friend.

Most people would confront the situation right away and make sure that the secret was revealed. This female decides to wait and secretively try to catch them together. The anger and turmoil she feels within is unbearable, but her survival instinct kicks in. She wants to wait silently for the perfect time to blow the entire situation out of the water. A male supervisor finds himself in competition for an award with his fellow subordinate. Each time his subordinate talks to him, he senses that he is angry at him. He decides to ask him if he is upset about the award, but his supervisor replies, “Of course not.” Underneath that fake smile, he can feel the venom and rage pouring out towards him. What can he do? Nothing. This is the mystery of dealing with a Scorpio.

Individuals with the Sun in Scorpio were born sometime between the dates of October 21 through November 22. Scorpios are a Fixed sign, which means they are practical, determined and strong-willed. They are notorious for working long and hard on their goals and achieving them. Scorpio is ruled by the element of Water. Water signs are known for their sensitivity, emotional nature, moodiness and expression. At first glance, Scorpios appear observant, calculating and perceptive. What you see is usually what you get. They are the most difficult people to get to know, because of innate secretive personality. Most Scorpios love to hear all your dirty secrets, but they rarely share theirs.

Scorpios are extremely competitive in many areas of life. They want to succeed and they work hard on achieving their goals. They are focused and calculating when it comes to getting what they want. They have a powerful energy that often scares people away. They do not seem to mind though, because they love to feel that they are powerful. Many Scorpios have power and control issues. They can not help this behavior, because it is the natural energy that rules them. The planets Mars and Pluto rule the sign Scorpio. Mars and Pluto are extremely powerful plants in our chart. Mars is the planet of aggression, war and violence. Pluto is the planet of destruction, regeneration and nuclear energy. Combine those two energies together and you can start to feel what it is like to be a Scorpio.

Scorpios are known for their intensity. There is something about them that causes individuals to be extremely drawn to them. They possess a magnetism that is undeniable. They radiate out an energy frequency that draws all individuals into their web. Some individuals are not comfortable with Scorpio, because this intense energy can make them feel vulnerable. Most people do not enjoy feeling like their secrets and insecurities are being observed. This is how Scorpios can make you feel. They can make you feel comfortable and open up easily. You may find yourself telling them all your dirty laundry, but forget about trying to get them to share their secrets. Scorpios are very distrustful of others motives. They always wait and make sure that individuals are worthy of their trust. They hate to feel vulnerable and are very secretive individuals. Even with close friends who are loyal to them, they are known to withhold information. They can not help this behavior, because it is their natural energy.

When you first meet a Scorpion, you will probably notice their eyes. They have deep, penetrating eyes that appear to look right through you. They possess the gift of in-depth perception and are very intuitive. When you are around Scorpios forget about lying, because they will see the truth. It is very hard to fool Scorpios and if you try to do it, watch out because they might just call you on it. They are known to be very direct and honest when they perceive something about others. They enjoy bringing up intense perceptions and discussing emotions in detail with others. Forget about doing the same to them though, or you may experience the true sting of a Scorpion. They do not like others to analyze them or point out their negative behaviors. Scorpios enjoy telling others their perceptions, but they do not accept others doing the same to them. This behavior manifests because of Scorpios innate need for privacy. They are very private individuals and do not like to burden others with their problems. They will do anything to help you and try to point out things to help you grow, but they do not want the same done to them. Why? For the most part, they already know all their flaws and vulnerabilities and they have analyzed themselves in-depth. They are usually very self-aware individuals and psychologically gifted.

Scorpios make excellent psychiatrists, counselors and healers. They enjoy digging into the realities of life that most people try to avoid. They enjoy talking about the taboo issues that most of individuals try to pretend do not exist . The natural energy of Scorpio is to pull out secrets and anything hidden. Much of this ability comes from the fact that Scorpio rules the Eighth house in our chart. The Eighth house is the house of secrets, death, sexuality, spirits and occultism. All the deep issues and subjects that most people are afraid of, tend to magnetically draw Scorpios.

The issue of death is usually very evident to Scorpios from a young age. One of my clients who has a lot of Scorpio energy told me a story about when she was a child. Every night before she would fall asleep, she would lie on her bed and think about death. She said she would think to herself, “What if I died” or “I could die”. She would lay there and ponder the reality of her own mortality. She was only twelve years old and had never known anyone who died and her parents never talked to her about it before. She had an innate sensitivity to this issue and a deep awareness about the essence of human life. Many Scorpios have felt this way before and can appear to be a bit morbid to others who talk with them. They may tell death jokes or talk about death in social situations and everyone around them might quietly feel uneasy. Scorpios desire is not to make you feel uncomfortable, they are just being themselves.

Many Scorpios are drawn to subjects such as magic, mysticism, and occultism. These areas of spiritual life are the most secretive and mysterious and that attracts Scorpios. I have always studied occultism, astrology and spiritual subjects. It was hard to for me to find other individuals with similar interests. One of the most intense experiences that I have had was with a Scorpio. I remember walking down the hallway at work. It was a normal day and nothing spectacular happening. As I walked down the hall to my office, a young guy walked by me. There was something about him that I was drawn to. I had no idea who he was or what he was doing on our floor, but I turned around to watch him and he did the same. Our eyes met and seemed to scan each other, and then we walked on. The encounter bothered me for some reason. I felt intuitively that there was something different about that individual. A few weeks later, my supervisor told me that he was getting a new boss. Everyone at work was worried, because this individual was going to have his office in our building. I was on edge myself, because of the tension. There was a staff party that I went to and unexpectedly the man I passed in the hallway showed up and sat down with some of my fellow co-workers. I felt my heart beat faster and could not believe he was there. Again, I felt something “special” about him. I had never met him or talked to him before. Suddenly, I hear the word astrology come up over at their table. He looked over at me and I looked at him. I told him I studied astrology and he admitted he had interests in it also. After the party he came over to me and grabbed his backpack off his shoulder. He opened it up and pulled out a pack of tarot cards and astrology books. He asked me what sign I thought he was. I was floored. It was unique to meet someone with similar interests. He said, “Intensity”. I laughed and said, “You’re a Scorpio.” We ended up becoming great friends and learned a lot from each other on various spiritual subjects.

The story above illustrates the magnetic energy of Scorpio and the innate interests they have in astrology, spiritualism and occultism. Even if Scorpios do not study these things, they probably are interested and believe in them. They are born with the gift of insight and intuition that helps guide them throughout life. If individuals can get passed the intense, scary exterior of a Scorpion they will realize that they make very loyal friends.

Scorpios key word is “I DESIRE”. Other personality traits of Scorpio include secretive, private, resourceful, revengeful, jealous, possessive, shrewd, calculating, deep, loyal and strong-willed. Scorpios are the hardest sign to get to know, but if you can prove to them that you are trustworthy, then you can have a friend for life. In many situations, Scorpios must learn to trust others and become more vulnerable. When we become friends with others it is important that there is a sense of reciprocity. If Scorpios can learn to overcome their fear of vulnerability and to share more of their inner world with others, they will benefit greatly.

What can Scorpios do when the intensity they feel is overwhelming? They drive on, making new goal and achieving them with narrow vision. They can overcome many obstacles because of their determination and courage. They always bounce back from disappointment, suffering and pain because they are driven to survive. They are the true survivors of the zodiac.

If you are a Scorpio Sun Sign you will express your main personality and identity through whichever house the Sun is placed. Your Scorpio energy might be expressed at work if the Sun is the 10 th house. That intensity might be expressed at home with your family, where you feel safe, if the Sun is in the 4 th house. If you feel you do not have these traits and you are a Scorpio, research which house the Sun is in and I believe you will come to realize your true nature.