A Deeper Look at the Sun Signs: Sagittarius the Traveler

A man travels to several foreign countries for his job. He loves the constant movement and adventure of seeking new experiences.

If he was stuck at a desk job he would whither and die. He can not stand to be cooped up within a normal office situation because he likes to be outside and feel the fresh air. A retired grandfather works hard all day and can not seem to relax. He has to always be doing something outside, like mowing the lawn, fixing the roof, chopping wood or helping the neighbors with the yard work. He is restless and does not like to be cooped up indoors; he thrives outside with the trees, wind, flowers and open land. Why? Freedom. This is Sagittarius.

Individuals with the Sun in Sagittarius were born sometime between the dates of November 23 through December 20. Sagittarius is a Mutable sign, which means that they are easygoing, adaptable, changeable, and team players. It is easy for them to change direction at the last minute and adapt to new information. They are not affected as much by change as their fellow fixed signs. Sagittarius is ruled by the element of fire. Fire signs are independent, freedom loving, expansive, and straightforward.

Sagittarians love to feel free. That might mean that they get to run around all day shopping while their husband watches the children. It could manifest as a deep need for travel and movement. Sagittarians love to travel and see different places. Experiencing new cities, towns and countries is exhilarating for them. They love to learn about other cultures and their restless urge encourages travel. They are not the type of people that should sit around at a desk all day. An environment like this is stifling for them and they will become even more restless and irritated. They work best when they are free do come and go and be trusted to do their job. They do not like restraints and people watching their every move. A position that requires travel is very comforting to them. This could manifest as traveling by car, air or by foot. Just driving in a car all day can be very soothing to Sagittarians.

The Ninth house in our astrological chart is ruled by Sagittarius. The Ninth house is the house of travel, religion, philosophy and higher education. Many Sagittarians are philosophical and spiritual individuals. Many have a great faith in a higher power and may pursue careers in the ministry or church. The desire to travel externally and within themselves to find answers is a prominent personality trait they possess. Movement is the energy of the Ninth House. Sagittarians can not be withheld for any reason. If they feel controlled or frustrated then they are known to rebel. They like to do their own thing and come and go as they please. In love relationships it is crucial for them to have someone who trusts them and lets them have their freedom. When they get back from running around and doing what they need to do, then they will be cheerful, happy and ready to spend time with their loved ones. If they are controlled or made to feel guilty because of their independent nature, then they will run away and possibly end the relationship.

A former co-worker that I knew was a Sagittarius and also had a Sagittarius Moon sign. She was a free spirit. She stated many times that she never wanted to get married and that she enjoyed living alone. Her main goal in life was to have fun and she was the most relaxed, easygoing person I have ever met. She dated and was capable of having relationships but always wanted her space. She loved living alone and stated many times that she would never live with anyone. Many single individuals out there, who are older and never married, might possibly be a Sagittarian. Their need for freedom and independence is a tremendous emotional need for them.

The planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, good luck, generosity and happiness. These basic traits are common among Sagittarians. They are naturally happy and in a good mood. They can overcome things faster than most individuals. When times are tough, they seem to dig deep down inside and find that spirit of Jupiter within and bounce right back. They roll with the punches. They love to explore and have an enormous amount of physical and mental energy. They are fun to be around and can brighten up any atmosphere.

My mother is a Sagittarius and she is always active and full of energy. When you meet her she is always smiling, lively and energetic. She looks young and enjoys having fun and attending concerts with my brother. My mother loves to travel and explore. When I lived in Germany, my mother was the only person in my family to visit me. She flew by herself every summer and we backpacked across Europe together. She is 50 years old and has the heart of a teenager. I will never forget when we stepped off the train for the first time in Paris, France. My mother’s dream was to see the Eiffel Tour and when she stood there she had tears in her eyes. After that experience, she was hooked. The true Sagittarius came out of her and every summer she returned. We ran to catch trains, had backpacks that weighed more than we did and my mother was a trooper. I can see her now, running down the train station steps to catch a train with me and we only had one minute before it pulled away. We would jump onto the train and then both of us would start laughing. My mother is a true traveler, adventurous and ready for a challenge. All these traits of Sagittarius embody her.

Sagittarians are extremely intelligent. They enjoy learning about foreign cultures and anything that is new and exciting. Many will study various subjects and have a difficult time to pick one. Sagittarians are extremely blunt and like to be honest. They do not like to focus on the negative aspects of a situation, because they enjoy being happy. They are jovial and snap out of depression very quickly. Many Sagittarians that I have met appear to be detached. They do not react as emotionally and intensely as their fellow fire signs. They tend me be more relaxed, easygoing and perceptive. An interesting phenomenon that I have encountered is that many Sagittarians are married to Scorpios. Many couples that I have seen or worked with have this combination. I think that a Sagittarius is the best person to handle a Scorpio. Whenever Scorpio tries to complain about how dark, messed up and crazy the world is, Sagittarius says, “Look at all the good things though.”

Another key factor of their marital compatibility is that Sagittarius does not “feel” Scorpios strong emotions. Other individuals that are around Scorpios can sense and feel an intensity that is subtle. The emotional intensity of Scorpio makes many people feel uncomfortable. Many people can not tolerate being around a Scorpio for very long, especially living with one. Sagittarians on the other hand are able to do this very well and maintain excellent marriages.

Sagittarians key word is “I PERCEIVE”. Other personality traits of Sagittarius include being outgoing, philosophical, adventurous, confident, tactless, and restless. Sagittarians are always seeking something in the distance and reaching new horizons. They will only grow and mature by experiencing their freedom. If they can find individuals that support them in their quest, then they might be able to maintain long-term relationships. If not, they are perfectly content by themselves. They truly see the positive in various situations and nothing will get them down for too long.

If you are a Sagittarius Sun Sign you will express your main personality and identity through whichever house the Sun is placed. Your Sagittarius energy might be expressed at work if the Sun is the 10 th house. That freedom loving nature might be expressed at home with your family, where you feel safe, if the Sun is in the 4 th house. If you feel you do not have these traits and you are a Sagittarius, research which house the Sun is in and I believe you will come to realize your true nature.