A Deeper Look at the Sun Signs: Pisces the Escapist

My friend Mary listens to me as I tell her about my broken heart. Tears swell up inside her eyes and she begins to cry. I know she truly feels my pain and understands my emotions.

She takes on my emotions and feels everything that I am going through. She has no protection from absorbing these energies; it is a part of her life. This is Pisces.

Individuals with the Sun in Pisces were born between the dates of February 20 through March 19. Pisces, ruled by the element of Water, are notorious for being sensitive, emotional, and compassionate. Their first reaction to any situation is to feel. Many times, emotions are felt strongly and they do not know how to control them. They adhere to the classic water sign qualities of emotionalism and intensity. Pisces is a mutable sign, easy going, laid back and changeable. It is easy for them to change direction at the last minute and to adapt to new information. They like a certain sense of unpredictability and emotional interaction.

Pisceans are the most artistic, intuitive, psychic, creative, sensitive, and compassionate individuals in the zodiac. Out of the other two water signs Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces has the most difficult time. The Cancer is the crab and has a shell to protect itself, while Scorpio is the scorpion and has a sting that can kill on impact. The poor Piscean has no protection at all from the world of thoughts, emotions and negative energies. They are truly a fish flapping out in the water with no armor to protect them. This is often why Pisceans are known to suffer from depression and mood disorders during sometime in their lives. They are so open psychically and energetically that they absorb everything in the environment. If they are around positive people they will feel positive, if they are around negative energies they will absorb those as well. This always affects their emotions and their health.

It is important for Pisceans to avoid alcohol and drugs at all cost. Many Piscean teenagers succumb to these substances and find it hard to stop. The planet Neptune rules the sign of Pisces, which enhances the need to escape from the world and from problems. Alcohol and drugs are one way that Pisceans can “escape” from the negative things in the world. Any form of addictions rule Pisces, such as food, television, work, sex, or anything that helps them to shut off the emotions they feel.

Pisceans are the spiritual beings in the zodiac. They have great faith in the universe and often seek answers to the meaning of life. They believe it is right for them to serve others in some capacity. Pisceans are notorious for drawing people to themselves who have problems. Individuals who have had a hard life with much suffering and pain are magnetically drawn to Pisceans. They often befriend people who need their help and assistance. This quality of service can be beneficial, but sometimes it leaves Pisceans drained of all energy. They have to be careful who they let into their lives and make sure they will not cause more harm than good. They can be very self-sacrificing in relationships with others. Pisceans have a good heart and want to help those less fortunate, but after they help, they need to withdrawal for time alone. The Piscean need for privacy and alone time is more powerful than any other zodiac sign.

The twelfth house in our astrological chart rules this sign, containing issues related to spirituality, escapism, secrets, suffering, depression, and cosmic consciousness. Pisceans love to serve others and escape from the world into their imagination. They would benefit from any type spiritual practice, especially meditation. Having time alone with their own thoughts and emotions will help them balance out and build up enough energy to go back out into the world again. If they do not have time alone to recover, they can become depressed, irritable, unstable and anxious. In relationships, Pisces have difficulty with finding the right partner. They are often so emotional and sensitive that they can be taken advantage of. They suffer greatly in romance because they are extremely idealistic. The always see the “good” in others, while overlooking the negative or ignoring their own intuition. They find themselves devastated when the person they “imagined” or “idealized” falls from that pedestal that they placed them on. They can be emotionally abused, or involved with others who manipulate them, drain them and force them into a controlling situation. It is important for Pisceans to always check themselves before committing to someone. They need to make sure that they listen to their inner voice and not ignore major signs of disagreement or conflict. Seeing others in a more practical way and balancing the idealistic nature is their true test.

Pisces key word is “I BELIEVE”. Other personality traits of Pisces include being idealistic, spiritual, escapist, receptive, self-sacrificing, and imaginative. Pisces are known to sacrifice many aspects of themselves for others. They feel fulfilled when they are able to fully express themselves with others and have spiritual, emotional friends to confide in. The emotional intensity that they have enables them to help others more completely, but they must be careful not to loose themselves in the process. They need to be careful not to take on the emotions of others, especially those that do not appreciate their kindness.