A Deeper Look at the Sun Signs: Libra the Peacemaker

A supervisor struggles to make a decision regarding two employees. Both of them have come to her for help, but she is finding it difficult to make a decision.

Her greatest fear is that she will have to take sides. A good supervisor can not worry about that, but she can’t help it, it is her nature. A lawyer battles in court for the rights of his victim. The speculation and conflict within the courtroom is unbearable. His only desire is to find justice for his client and to make sure that his victim’s rights are ensured. He continues to argue and give hundreds of reasons why his client should be awarded 10,000 dollars. No one else cares, but it is his mission to enforce justice. Is this over the top? Is it madness? Maybe. This is Libra.

Individuals with the Sun in Libra were born sometime between the dates of September 21 through October 19. Librans are a Cardinal sign, which means that they are initiators, idea makers and self-starters. It is easy for them to take control of a situation and to get the energy moving in a positive direction. Libra is ruled by the element of Air. Air signs are known for their emotional detachment, intelligence, perception, and ability to remain calm. At first glance they may appear detached and uninterested, but once you get to know them you will realize they are extremely romantic, creative, and artistic. They enjoy making relationships and their environment harmonious.

Librans have interesting personalities. Out of all the signs, Libra is the hardest for me to read at first glance. I have noticed two distinct differences between Libran men and women. From what I have experienced, they are complete opposites. Usually the traits of a Sun Sign will be the same for both men and women. Just a few subtle differences exist between them. In the case for Libra, this is completely different. Libran women tend to be more dominant and assertive than most signs. The self-confidence, assertiveness and directness of a Libran female tend to scare people away. I have witnessed this many times in my own life and with clients. When I discuss Libran traits with female Librans many will reply, “I’m nothing like that, I don’t have to have relationships or a peaceful environment.”

My theory is that Libran women tend to express more energy and traits of their polar opposite sign Aries. Libran men do not possess or express as much of this Aries energy. The reason for this is unknown to me, but is clearly evident that this exists almost 85% of the time when meeting Libran females. A childhood friend of mine is a Libra and she expresses more Aries energy than Libra. She is very assertive, direct and does not care to hurt your feelings. She is not indecisive at all and tends to act impulsively in many situations. These are all traits of Aries. A female co-worker that I am associated with is Libra and the same traits can be seen with her. It is like a blueprint that tends to come up each time I meet a Libran female. That is not to say that Libran females have zero Libran traits associated with them, but that those traits are toned down immensely and colored with more Arian traits. We always share traits of our polar opposite sign on the wheel, but with Librans it is much more evident.

On the other hand, Libran men tend to adhere to the basic sign traits more accurately. They tend to be very romantic, artistic, creative, and diplomatic. They enjoy having relationships with women and are very flirtatious. The most common trait of all Librans is their sense of justice and search for peace. They are affected negatively by upsetting emotions or situations in the environment. These unsettling feelings they experience, cause them to seek equilibrium. They will usually actively try to make things peaceful again by catering to everyone’s needs. The greatest flaw of a Libran is their indecisiveness. Sometimes they simply can’t choose or make a decision. Gemini’s indecisiveness occurs because of an ability to see both sides of a situation. Librans indecisiveness arises from a desire not to offend anyone and to make sure no one is upset with them. They do not like any type of conflict and are known to avoid it like the plague. Usually, Libran men are notorious for changing the subject when a heated argument breaks out. If not, they tend to run into the other room. It is not because of weakness, but because of an innate uncomfortableness with tension and conflict. They thrive in peaceful, uplifting, harmonious environments. When things are not peaceful, they can become very detached, irritable and emotional.

Libra is ruled but the planet Venus, which has a powerful focus on relationships, harmony and creativity. Since Libra is an Air sign, being ruled by Venus changes their character quite a bit. Most Air Signs are not known for being expressive or emotional. Being ruled by Venus enhances the energy of love, romance, creativity, and harmony that a Libran expresses. Librans do not like to be alone; in fact it is crucial for them to have partnerships such as marriage.

The 7th house in our astrological chart also called the descendent is ruled by Libra. This house is known as the “House of Marriage & Partnerships”. The energy of Librans can be seen when looking at the traits of this house. Finding a soul mate, lover or business partner is crucial for Librans. They are not built to be alone. They are here to seek relationships and love. Without this aspect in their lives, they can whither and die. When they find it, they feel they can conquer any limitation.

The symbol of Libra is the Scales. The scales are always trying to balance and keep things equal. Librans can find themselves constantly moving from one side to the other. Back and forth, up and down. They are always striving to balance both sides of themselves. Sometimes they get overwhelmed or are unable to shift and balance themselves. When they are not balancing, harmonizing or peacekeeping they can loose touch with what they really think and feel. It is crucial for them to always be self-aware and make a conscience effort to find equilibrium. If not, they will suffer from feelings of chaos, indecision and frustration.

Librans seek relationships because they make them feel safe. They enjoy expressing love and affection towards others. Librans greatest flaw is trying to seek peace at all costs. Sometimes they are forced into numerous conflict situations where they have to be the mediators. They are required to bring peace and harmony to a variety of situations. Sometimes they can feel uncomfortable doing this, but the energy of their sign forces them to face this. They learn that they have to speak their mind and sometimes justice, truth and fairness is the greatest gift they can give others. Keeping things hidden will only cause more harm. They have to step up and make their beliefs, opinions and ideas known to others.

Libra key word is “I BALANCE”. Other personality traits of Libra include being indecisive, artistic, disorganized, easy-going, charming, romantic, highly susceptible to flattery and peaceful. If you are a Libran Sun Sign, you will express your main personality and identity in whichever house the Sun falls. Your Libran energy might be expressed at work if the Sun is in the 10th house; or; you may find that peaceful nature developing within groups of people if it is in the 11th house. If you feel you do not have these traits, and you are a Libra, research which house the Sun is in, and I believe you will come to realize your true nature.