A Deeper Look at the Sun Signs: Leo the Performer

A musician walks onto the stage for the first time. His heart is pumping, sweat beating off his face. The adrenaline rush is so intense that he can barely feel his body.

In the audience he can hear his fans roaring and chanting his name. This is the moment he has always dreamed of and he is the center of attention. All eyes are on him waiting for him to entertain. This is Leo.

Individuals with the Sun in Leo were born sometime between the dates of July 22 through August 22. Leo is a Fixed sign, which means that they are strong willed, stubborn, reliable and stable. It is not easy for them to let go of control or to change their minds once they make a decision. They know what they believe and want and then they go for it. Leo is ruled by the element of Fire. Fire signs are known for their intensity, drive, expression and need for independence. At first glance Leo might appear strong, confident and a little bossy. Once you get to know them you will realize that behind that roar of the lion exists a small innocent child wanting attention. They are truly a child at heart.

Leo is one of the friendliest signs in the zodiac. I absolutely love Leos. I remember the first Leo boyfriend I ever had. As soon as I saw him I knew there was something special about him. He was darting back and forth, smiling, a great positive energy pouring out from him. When he spoke his voice was comforting, soft and sweet. He was wearing a beret and I had never seen a guy wear one of those before. I was totally hooked. Leo has a strong presence and a child like energy. When they trust you, they will do anything for you. They are extremely jovial, friendly and fun when they are feeling good about themselves. To a Leo, feeling good means that they feel loved, appreciated, admired and respected. If these things are experienced by the Leo then they make excellent company. If not, then watch out because you might have an angry lion on your hands.

Leo loves to shine and express themselves. They are usually extremely artistic, creative, and musical. If they do not possess these abilities then they are active in these pursuits and enjoy them greatly. Most of our musicians, actors, politicians and writers are Leo. Some famous Leos are Bill Clinton, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith and many others. What do all these people have in common? They shine in the limelight. Leo has a natural tendency to want to shine, perform and be on stage in front of others. This can take many forms such as teaching, acting, dancing or public speaking. They feel confident when they can be the center of attention. The main reason that Leo strives to shine is because they are ruled by the Sun. The Sun is the center of the universe and without the Sun there could be no life. The Sun is always visible and it can not be ignored. Its energy is so powerful that it always gets our attention. The same holds true for most Leos. It either comes naturally to them or they will force it upon you. So keep your eyes open for those traits and you might be dealing with a Leo.

Most Leos crave love and are very romantic. Leo men are the most charming and sexual men you will find out there. They will whisper sweet nothings in your ear and you just melt. The ability to romance and entice others is a strong ability within them. They seem to know what to say to anyone to get them to do what they want. There friendliness along with there good nature makes them hard not to like. The problems arise for Leo in the areas of commitment. I feel sorry for Leo. On the one hand they desire attention, love, pampering and cuddling. Then on the other hand, they stand up strong and roar for freedom and independence. It is so hard to balance these needs. The moment a Leo feels pinned in or restrained then they want to break loose. As they say, they are like a caged lion and we all know that is no where to be. The problem is that they want both. They want someone to cater to them and do everything for them, but then they want you to leave and give them space. This makes a lot of people think Leo is very selfish. The fact is they are not selfish at all; they are one of the most generous signs in the zodiac. The problem is that they always want to shine. They always have inside themselves a desire to feel free. They need someone to make them feel free even if they are in a relationship with them. It is not hard to love a Leo, but it can be hard to tolerate their extreme need for autonomy and freedom.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which symbolically represents the father figure in our lives. Many times Leo has a very strong relationship with their father but if this is not true they feel lonely. This pushes them to strive to be a father themselves. Leo loves children and they make excellent fathers because they are lively, playful and fun. The 5th house in our chart is ruled by Leo. The 5th house energies are children, play, creativity, romance and pleasure. Anything that causes us to seek pleasure and happiness is the energy of the 5th house. Leo wants to have fun but they also want to be successful. Many Leos strive to be in a position of authority because this makes them feel needed and special. They can make excellent supervisors because they truly care if others are happy. They just have to be careful not to become bossy or controlling of others. A lot of Leos in positions of authority struggle because they are extremely social, inventive and creative but very disorganized. Leo is not known for being on time, structured or orderly and this can cause many problems for them in the workplace. On one hand, they are excellent in giving orders to others and making rules but it is harder for them to follow others rules.

Just like a King giving out orders to his people and staff, Leo likes to be in charge. On the other hand, they also enjoy taking care of their people, friends, and staff. They truly want others to admire them, respect them and love them. They will always try their best to help others and can be very generous to those they love. Individuals that are close to Leos need to remember that they want to feel special and important. Sometimes you might find yourself always complimenting them and listening to their stories. This might make you feel a certain amount of selfishness emanating from Leo. Make sure you point it out to them and they will be so terrified that they will try to change it. They just get carried away sometimes and forget that others have things to talk about also. It is totally out of innocence and a childlike fascination with the drama in their lives. Sometimes you have to tell them directly that you want to talk, and then they will realize what they were doing. The closest way to a Leo’s heart is to compliment them. So many times I have witnessed this with Leo friends but especially past supervisors I have had that are Leo. A nice, caring, special acknowledgement of something they have done will make them melt and they will be so happy and do anything for you.

Leo key word is “I WILL”. Other personality traits of Leo include being dramatic, strong, confident, creative, spontaneous, adventurous, energetic, childlike, naïve, authoritative, and direct. Leo loves to shine and be on stage. You may find Leo acting in a school play or singing in a band. Sometimes they can be found as the CEO of their own company where all the staff admires them. Other times, they may hide these traits and only a few close friends realize the abilities of Leo. It all depends on which house the Sun is placed. If you are a Leo Sun Sign, you will express your main personality and identity in whichever house the Sun falls. Your Leo energy might be expressed in your friendships if the Sun is in the 11th house; or you may find that Leo energy emerging at work and forcing you to be creative in group situations. If you feel you do not have these traits and you are a Leo, research which house the Sun is in, and I believe you will come to realize your true nature.