A Deeper Look at the Sun Signs: Gemini the Twin

A woman walks into a room and instantly darts back and forth approaching everyone. She introduces herself and talks incessantly about the party, the weather, her interests or anything that comes to her mind to keep the conversation going.

When you first meet her you might think she is flighty, immature, and superficial but there is another side to the airy Gemini, the other twin. The other side of her can be extremely intelligent with a stroke of genius. She might be a writer, publisher, motivational speaker or own her own business. Actually, she might work two or three jobs successfully. Like twins, she always has another side to her nature. Just when you think you have her figured out she will surprise you. This is Gemini.

Individuals with the Sun in Gemini were born sometime between the dates of May 21 through June 20. Gemini is a mutable sign which means that they are easygoing, adaptable and changeable. It is easy for them to change directions at a moment’s notice without much of an argument. This behavior is very common for the Gemini because they change their minds often. Gemini is ruled by the element of Air. Air signs are known for their aloofness and intelligence. At first glance they might appear unemotional and detached due to the air quality. Once you get to know them you will realize that there is much more to them than meets the eye.

Gemini sign to connect with and feel because they are so expressive verbally. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication, thoughts, ideas, mental activity and expression. Being ruled by Mercury makes Gemini an excellent communicator and highly intelligent. They love to communicate and to hold them back from expressing themselves will truly cause them to wither and become a bit cranky. They love to learn things and debate different ideas. Disagreeing with someone is actually fun to them because it challenges them mentally. They love a good mental dual with anyone willing to discuss serious controversial topics. They are very restless and crave constant motion. This mental restlessness can give them the bad reputation of being ‘unreliable’. They often commit to something and agree to do things in the moment because it feels right but then something happens and draws their attention elsewhere. People who thought they could count on them are left disappointed. Many relationship partners of Gemini have learned this the hard way.

Gemini loves independence and freedom. They do not want to be tied down or told they can not do something. In romance, they tend to find difficulties because they simply see so many good qualities in so many people. The duality of this sign and the need for variety in all areas of life can cause difficulties in areas of commitment. The word commitment is a dirty word for Gemini. It is not that they can’t commit, they just do not want to because that would mean making a firm decision and they always see two sides to everything. The test is for Gemini to be able to express themselves and be free while being in a committed relationship. Many people of this sign remain single and never marry by choice. They become bored easily and when the excitement and mental stimulation of a relationship grows stale, they are often known to wander off and never be seen again. Their restless nature kicks in and off they go on to the next mental adventure. They have an enormous amount of restless energy. They are not usually known to be the athletic type but working out physically can help them manage this. It is very hard for them to meditate or still their minds but with practice and discipline they can learn to master these skills. Writing, journaling, or talking with close friends about their worries and problems will help them find a sense of peace. It is crucial for them to have others who they can communicate their deepest, darkest secrets to. The only downside to this is that it is hard for Gemini to keep a secret themselves. They simply can’t help it. They are so restless and mentally hyped up they tend to forget that you told them not to tell ANYONE that you were having an affair with your professor. That’s right. They will repeat it if they know and it is never because they are trying to hurt you or betray you. It happens out of pure innocence on their part. They just love to gossip and spread information. Sometimes they forget that some information should remain private

Sometimes Gemini receives the bad reputation of being hurtful to others. When they do not feel good about themselves or are in a bad mood they are known to lash out verbally at others. The comments that come out of their mouths can be very sarcastic and condescending. The person on the other end will either verbally strike back and defend themselves or be so dumbfounded and hurt that they retreat. Those that are tolerant of Gemini will realize that they can not help this behavior when they are in that mood and that they will soon become their happy jovial self again. If they can find friends who understand this behavior and accept it then they will feel better about their social life. Gemini loves to be social and partying in groups is a lot of fun to them. They love having a good time and are very outgoing. Meeting new people, visiting new places, eating at new restaurants keeps them feeling happy because everything is new. It is hard to become bored when you are always doing new things. Gemini must experience the feeling of constant ‘newness’ in their lives or else they will grow very restless.

Gemini key word is ‘I THINK’. Other personality traits of Gemini include communicative, intellectual, rational, nervous, versatile, sociable, sarcastic, restless and inconsistent. Twins always have two different personalities. You never quite know which one you are dealing with and they can surprise you constantly. If you are a Gemini Sun Sign you will express your main personality and identity through whichever house the Sun falls in. Your Gemini energy might be expressed at work if the Sun is in the 10th house. Or you may find that intellectual, communicative nature expressed with friends if your Sun is in the 11th house. If you feel you do not have these traits and you are a Gemini, research which house the Sun is in and I believe you will come to realize your true nature.