A Deeper Look at the Sun Signs: Capricorn the Achiever

A man works long hours to provide for his family. He owns his own business and works full-time at an insurance company.

He started out with no education or technical skills, but became a self-made businessman. He is successful because of his strong work ethic and organizational skills. A female law student just graduated from college. She is ambitious and wants to create her own company. She has been planning her career for years and has it all mapped out. She is good at looking into the future and thinking about everything that can go wrong. Her goal is to be prepared and practical about her goals. She spends her time working, saving every cent she has in the hopes of starting her own business. Will she do it? Definitely. This is Capricorn.

Individuals with the Sun in Capricorn were born sometime between the dates of December 22 through January 20. Capricorn is a Cardinal sign, which means that they are initiators, energetic and creative. Capricorn is ruled by the element of Earth. Earth signs are practical, stable, and hardworking. Capricorns are the hardest working signs of the zodiac. Their strong work ethic coupled with their drive to succeed ensures that they will reach the top. Capricorns desire to achieve goals and push themselves to greater heights enable them to successfully become supervisors over others.

Capricorns are very serious and responsible individuals. From a young age, they always feel older and more mature than others. When people know them when they are young, they always tell them that they act older than they are. This is a compliment for Capricorns, because they want to be respected and looked up to. Many times their seriousness causes them to feel uncomfortable expressing themselves. They can be affectionate, but they are cautious about who they express themselves to. They do not want to be humiliated or feel vulnerable. Capricorns want to appear to be in control and serious, because they think that others will respect them for this. These individuals enjoy helping others and are often known to loan financial resources to others. Capricorns enjoy helping those that are hard workers and that have potential. They gain a great sense of happiness by helping others succeed. Capricorns want to succeed first though, never forget that.

The tenth house in our astrological chart is ruled by Capricorn. The tenth house is the house of career, success and the public. Capricorns strive to succeed and their career is where they feel most comfortable. They want to work hard and make their way to the top. They do not enjoy being subordinates, because they do not like to be given orders. Capricorns like to supervise others because they are natural leaders. They love to be looked up to and be seen as capable of leading groups of people. They are natural leaders and always work hard to better themselves and others. The main difficulty that arises for them is that some individuals might perceive them as cold, harsh and rigid. Sometimes Capricorns become so fixed on their goals and how things should be that they loose sight of the emotions of others. They want success and they do not like lazy people. Capricorns love people that are organized, hardworking, loyal, reliable and practical.

The Capricorn trait of rigidity is often more difficult for them than it is for others. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet of discipline, structure and rigidity. The energy of Saturn causes individuals to feel repressed and unable to express the natural flow of emotions. Many Capricorns are not comfortable with public displays of affection. They are not comfortable making themselves look vulnerable in public. The greatest fear of a Capricorn is that people will think they are weak. They always want to appear strong, in control, serious and responsible. Sometimes this Saturn energy can prevent others from wanting to get to know Capricorns. This energy is there, but there is another side to Capricorns that will not be seen until they trust you. Capricorns are very loyal to their friends and very generous.

Capricorns are one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac. If they befriend you and respect you, then they will do anything for you. Sometimes the giving they expose upon others is more than people can imagine. They enjoy helping others succeed and usually Capricorns have the money to do it. They are known to be financially secure and materially focused. They enjoy making money because to them money is a powerful tool to get things done. Capricorns like nice things, but that is not why they like money. Money to them is a secret weapon that can be used to achieve their goals and used to help others in their life. They like to give as well as receive but sometimes are labeled as “stingy”. They are far from stingy, but they do worry about the future and want to be prepared. Capricorns are good at running finances and investing money in various things. Many of them enjoy buying land and savings bonds. Land is a practical investment and Capricorns are not known to invest into the stock market. They like investing in things that are practical, stable and reliable. Gambling and taking risks are not the most comfortable areas for Capricorn. They like to be prepared and have time to think ahead. They are excellent long range planners and excel at making money by sheer willpower and intelligence. They do not like to take risks unless they are sure they will profit.

Capricorn is considered the father-figure of the zodiac. Capricorns polar opposite sign is Cancer, who is considered the mother-figure. Capricorns are known to be disciplinarians with their children. They are responsible, practical, have high standards of conduct and expect their children to behave. I have noticed that female and male Capricorns express energy in very different ways. Female Capricorns are often labeled by others as being strict and cold towards their children. Male Capricorns are most often perceived as being strong father figure types and more loving. Female Capricorns suffer much more than male Capricorns. The masculine energy of Saturn that rules Capricorn is easier for men to adjust to, but female Capricorns struggle with this energy. Most individuals feel that females in society should be nurturing, motherly, affectionate and sacrificing. Female Capricorns do not openly express these qualities and are sometimes uncomfortable with that energy. They can not help this because they are ruled by earth and the planet Saturn. This mix in energy creates a strong exterior and oftentimes individuals will perceive Capricorn females as cold and closed off towards others.

Capricorns often suffer from depression, because they do not always know how to let go and have fun. Being around fun loving, spontaneous and adventurous individuals will help pull them out of that seriousness. Capricorns are known to experience “black moods”. When they are not feeling good about themselves, they can become very irritable and verbally attack others close to them. The Capricorns words can cut others like a knife and cause others to withdrawal from them. Individuals who are around them enough will realize this behavior and learn to leave them alone when they are going through this. Sooner or later, they will be back to themselves again and more positive. Capricorn is the pessimist of the zodiac. They worry about the future and tend to think negatively about themselves and their abilities. They are extremely successful, but they do not possess arrogance. They benefit from having fun sometimes, because all work with no play is not healthy. Male Capricorns make excellent fathers and are great providers for their families. Individuals who have the Sun or Moon in the tenth house often have a strong bond with their father figure because Capricorn rules the tenth house. The bond between father and child is very strong and almost unbreakable with this placement. Children with this placement will often do anything to please their father figure and they crave their approval.

My grandfather is a Capricorn and embodies all these personality traits. He is extremely successful and has always helped his family achieve their goals. He started out working as a Carpenter when he was 18 years old. He worked his way up to the top through discipline, hard work and a desire to achieve. When I was in middle school, he moved to Washington D.C. to become the Vice President of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. My grandfather provided for his family throughout his life. He made sure that my cousin, brother and I got to attend college. My grandfather helped all three of us financially during the college years, by helping with tuition and living expenses. He truly became a success and achieved many goals in his life. He retired at the age of 55 and spends his time doing things he enjoys. To this day, he is still a hard worker. He is always out in the yard mowing, fixing something on the roof or helping a neighbor cut wood. He is incapable of sitting around and relaxing. The drive to achieve or make a difference in the world can be seen in my grandfather, who truly symbolizes the positive traits of a Capricorn.

Capricorns are known to make connections and contacts with very important people. They have a tendency to associate themselves with individuals that they know will help them succeed as well. They know who has the power and ability to help them with their goals and in the meantime, they will offer their loyalty to others. Capricorns are friends with all the right people. They have a unique gift of befriending the key people that in the time of need can be right there offering support that the Capricorn desired the entire time. It is hard not to like Capricorns, because they are serious, hard working and will do anything for you if they feel you have potential. They expect help in return when the time comes. They may ask you for a favor ten years down the road and they expect it to be given. Everything they do is for a reason. They do not do anything out of chance but only after extensive thought and planning. This is one of the reasons they always succeed and achieve their goals.

Capricorns key word is “I USE”. Other personality traits of Capricorn are ambitious, responsible, serious, hardworking, achieving, successful, pessimistic and cautious. Capricorns are great people to become friends with. They are usually successful and are capable of helping others succeed as well. When you become friends with Capricorn you will realize that working hard comes natural to them and they can become competitive with others. They enjoy making friends with successful people because this causes them to work even harder. They truly want to outshine everyone, especially in the work arena. Capricorns need to learn to have fun and relax. If they can let go of their inhibitions and cautiousness, then they will experience much more happiness. Once they open up, many people will realize that Capricorns have a wonderful sense of humor. This sense of humor comes out occasionally, but only after they feel they can trust you and that you are a loyal friend.

If you are a Capricorn Sun Sign you will express your main personality and identity through whichever house the Sun is placed. Your Capricorn energy might be expressed in intimate relationships if your Sun is in the 7th house. That seriousness and caution might be expressed with friends if the Sun is in the 11th house. If you feel you do not have these traits and you are a Capricorn, research which house the Sun is in and I believe you will come to realize your true nature.