A Deeper Look at the Sun Signs: Aries the Warrior

A man rushes into battle. All his feelings are expressed strongly, proudly, and impulsively. He does not think about the consequences, he just acts.

He does not choose to act, he impulsively acts. His instincts guide him into scary territory but he does not show fear. Like a Ram in battle, he pushes his head down and goes forward regardless of the risks. This is Aries.

Individuals with the Sun in Aries were born sometime between the dates of March 20 through April 19. Each Cardinal Sign starts the new season and Aries starts the Spring. Nature blooms during the spring and things begin moving again. Flowers grow, plants come to life and many new phases of energy are ignited. Energy that is ignited passionately, strongly, confidently represents the Aries personality. Aries is the go-getter, initiator, fire starter and activist.

Most of the time, Aries individuals receive a bad reputation. I feel sorry for them because I know that they truly can not “help” their natural energies. Many people do not understand the Aries personality and will judge them inaccurately. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. Mars is known as the planet of aggression, war, emotion and intensity which causes Aries to unleash emotions very sharply. Aries speaks the truth often without thinking first. Mars energy causes them to feel things so intensely that nothing else matters to them except to express it in the moment.

They are known to be brutally honest and quite blunt which can disturb others. Most people do not want to hear anything negative even if it is true. Aries is not trying to tick you off, trust me; they are trying to express who they are. What they think and feel comes directly out of their mouth in a direct, straightforward way. They do not have time to wait around and find the right word to make others feel better because they feel that time is of the essence. To Aries, they are simply being who they are and doing what they feel is right. If you ask them, “Do I look fat in this outfit?” be prepared for the TRUTH. It might hurt you and you might walk away from a social interaction with an Aries and say to yourself, “I can’t believe he said that.” It is funny because you asked for it. The Aries is oblivious to the hurts that came from their answer, they move on. This disturbs others and causes others to either extremely love the Arian or run away from them screaming in disgust.

They have an enormous amount of physical energy that needs to be expressed. It is crucial for them to exercise or have some outlet for their excess energy or they can become very angry and lash out at others. They are one of the most competitive signs in the Zodiac. The often excel at sports and various forms of competition. They view life as a place to compete and they do not like to be told what to do because they like to act on their own instincts. Sometimes this behavior can get them into trouble but they do not care. It is their natural tendency to react in the moment. They will think about the consequences later and most of the time they really do not care. They instinctively listen to that voice within and then act. Close friends and family members may try to pull them back from action but watch out because the famous Aries temper will flair violently. It flairs because they do not want their freedom and independence hindered. They want to be self-reliant and hate to feel dependent on anyone. The good thing about Aries is that they get over things quickly. It is hard for them to stay angry at anyone or any situation because it ties them down. They quickly forgive and forget.

One of the hardest things for individuals to understand about Aries is that their spiritual mission is to be Self-Centered. They are meant to learn how to express self concern verbally. They are forced to always ask how things affect them first and they have no concern for how it affects others. Not all Aries show these traits but their destiny is to learn this and to express self-confidence. They instinctively want to survive and therefore need to always think about how things will affect their life. A lot of people who are Aries tell me, “I don’t like the traits of Aries or I am not like that at all.” It is true that not all Aries are self-confident and straightforward but the ones who are experience much more happiness. An Aries that bites their tongue and holds in all those impulses will eventually get health problems unless they have a positive outlet for the anger, aggression, drive, rage, and other powerful emotions they feel so deeply.

Aries key word is “I AM”. Other personality traits of Aries include enthusiastic, honest, passionate, independent, self-reliant, blunt and dynamic. Aries is friendly, confident, physically strong, aggressive, energetic and loves to keep moving. In many situations Aries must learn patience. Sometimes in life we cannot immediately act. We are forced to wait patiently and this is very hard for Aries to tolerate. Work situations can be extremely hard for Aries if they have a supervisor who is more laid back and controlling. Aries can perceive this as slow and that they are being held back. Aries wants to find the solution, problem, and way to go and then act on it! They do not want to wait around and think about it. This causes great inner frustration and conflict with others in the environment. They want to get the job done and that is good but sometimes others do not have the same idealistic nature. They are constantly tested with learning to be patient with others.

A warrior never gives up. He continues to fight regardless of the outcome. Aries is strong, confident and successful when they listen to that voice within. If you are an Aries Sun Sign you will express your main personality and identity through whichever house the Sun falls in. Your Aries energy might be expressed at work if the Sun is the 10 th house. That intensity might be expressed at home with your family where you feel safe if the Sun is in the 4 th house. If you feel you do not have these traits and you are an Aries, research which house the Sun is in and I believe you will come to realize your true nature.